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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Oh Baby; I'm Excited About Birthing our Baby

Yup, you read right, I'm excited about birthing our baby.

Not terrified, not scared about being torn from arm hole to breakfast, not spending my days on maternity leave stressing about being cut open or any of those horrific scenes I could be replaying in my head. 

Nope, I'm choosing to stay calm and I become wholeheartedly teary eyed and goosebumpy when I think about bringing our baby into this world.

Our baby; the baby my body has grown and nurtured over the past 9 months.

The precious little life that my body already had instructions to create without me over thinking and living in fear of doing it right.

My body that has grown this baby and now knows how to birth this baby too.

You see, the other day a thought popped into my mind, as they do, and yes it hurt haha, but I thought -

Could you imagine living in a world where mamas chose to share just how bone achingly, heart wrenchingly special it was to meet their precious little baby for the very first time in the labour ward instead of focusing on the cuts and tears and stitches when sharing their birthing experience?

How different our birthing outcomes might be...

How different people may approach birthing...

How excitement and anticipation and tear stained cheeks of overwhelming joy and pride at the very visualisation and thought of meeting their bubba could fill our hearts and minds, replacing that fear and anxiety that so many currently endure during pregnancy and when entering that labour ward?

And that, my friends, that very idea of picturing my body surging as my muscles release our baby, with my husband by my side gently stroking my arm and reminding me to breathe, as i focus on one moment at a time, this amazing experience to witness my body, the body who has given me life and now created another, and then seeing this beautiful human enter the world and take its first breathe of fresh air, and finding out whether we have a beautiful boy or gorgeous girl to proudly name and show off to the world with pride and admiration, that's what's keeping me calm and excited about birthing.

Hypnobirthing has given us this gift, the gift of excitement instead of fear.

It has empowered both my husband and I to trust our baby, my body and the energy and love that we share and create between us, to stay focused, calm and excited, no matter how our baby comes into this world; be it a caesarean, with gas and drugs or al la natural.

What a truly amazing and empowering gift that is!

So how am I feeling about the impeding birth of our child at 37 weeks pregnant with every chance that our baby can enter this wonderful world at any time?


Overwhelmed with joy!!!

Amazement at what my body has already endured and created and trusting that it'll be okay, it's got this, no matter what happens in that labour ward...or in the car... Or wherever our baby may decide to visit first, we'll be okay, we can do this, we get to meet our little creation very soon!!!

I can not recommend hypnobirthing enough; it's already achieved its aim for me without me even stepping foot in the labor room.

It has allowed me to remove fear from my life so that I can learn to listen to my body and trust my instincts, so that I can move forward fearlessly.

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxx

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