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High School Sweethearts

I have been with my partner for almost 9 years this September.

Mick and I in Cairns at the end of 2005 :)

We went to school together.

He was my worse nightmare at school. I was the square. He was the class clown. I never got in trouble. He was always in trouble (including mooning a bus of old people and getting suspended). He spent more time in the corridor then in the classroom. I was the first in the classroom eager to learn with my pens and pencils all lined up and ready to go!

We kissed one drunken night out on his farm.

I started to see him in a different light. We started sitting next to each other in class, giggling and going camping together with our friends. 

I still wasn't too sure but my friends insisted that I should give him a chance.

So I did.

When we got engaged in Cairns in January 2012
I still remembered when his step mum bailed me up in the Woolworths carpark and said that Mick was walking around the house with love hearts in his eyes...blush!

We started dating in Year 10 at school. At the end of Year 12 I broke the news to him that I wanted to move to Adelaide to study to become a teacher. The course was 4 years. At the time we both had mixed emotions about it. Four years of long distance. I never thought that Mick would move to Adelaide. The plan was for me to move to Adelaide, complete my degree and then return back to the country as a teacher.

When I decided to stop teaching after finishing my Bachelor of Arts in English and Geography (after 3 years of studying in Adelaide), we knew that things weren't going to be so straight forward. I ended up winning a position at the University of Adelaide.

After 4 years of long distance, many flights back and forth from Adelaide to Port Lincoln, huge telephone bills, and only seeing each other once a month, we were both over it. Someone had to budge. Mick ended up moving to Adelaide. It was a HUGE decision for him but the BEST decision for he has met so many people and achieved so much in the almost 3 years that he has been here.

Now, after 9 years together, we own two houses (one in Adelaide that we are renovating and one back in the country that badly needs renovating), I have traveled to Europe with friends, we have traveled to Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam together and met up with friends along the way, we are off to Fiji this September for my sisters wedding, we're planning on going to Mauritius and South Africa for our honeymoon and we're moving back to the country at the end of this year. We also got ENGAGED at the start of this year in Cairns ( I will tell the story in a blog post one day because he did the SWEETEST proposal!)

We are also GETTING MARRIED in October 2013. I just can't wait to marry my best friend.

Mick and I at our engagement party in March 2012

He's going to be my husband and I'm going to be a wife (giggle!)

We've been through so much together, long distance, my Depression, his parents divorce, leaving our small town, family deaths and health problems and so much more, but we're stronger and happier then ever!

I'm so lucky!

The kind of dags that we are when we're together!

He makes me laugh ALL of the time. I value his sense of humour, his HUGE heart which he loves filling with memories with friends and family, his forward thinking, his willingness to give anything a go, and the way he makes me feel.

I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with my high school sweetheart and I can't wait to see where life takes us together as Mr and Mrs Traeger! 

Mick and I being silly on our engagement shoot!


Emma-Jane Budarick said...

:) love it

Kirsty Arnold said...

Naww thanks Emma! I think I'm pretty lucky to have scored Mick! Such a champ that kid is!

Brooke Gillies said...

Cutest thing ever haha x

Kirsty Arnold said...

Nawwww thanks Brooke :) I think he's a bit cute :) I still can't stop looking at my blingy bling :) x

Niken said...

i love this story!
i think your engagement photos are the best. haha

Kirsty Arnold said...

Haha we think that they are pretty awesome too! It was sooo much fun shooting them. I haven't kissed Mick sooo much haha!

Sofia Steeb-Samson said...

Kirsty, this is a beautiful story, all the best in your future with Mick as man and wife xx. Sofia