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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Fiji Versus Thailand

Without a doubt one of the BIGGEST decisions that we ever have to make is where to go on holidays! Let’s face it, we only get 4 weeks a year so we want to make sure that wherever we choose rocks our socks!

There are three main reasons that I travel: to open my eyes to new cultures and ways of living, to break all forms of routine (and to escape domestic duties!) and for some good old rest and relaxation.

So where is the ultimate place for some r’n’r? I instantly think of somewhere with sandy white beaches, blue water, hammocks, delicious tasting cocktails, shirtless male waiters, I mean, friendly people, and somewhere where I can kick back and firmly plant my bum into a comfy location, with little to no effort, thinking or planning required.

Which countries tick all of these boxes? Well, we have Bora Bora of course, if I’m happy with my holiday costing me an arm and a leg…no thankyou. So perhaps we need to think of somewhere more affordable. Bali? Fiji? Thailand? Hawaii? Mauritius? Vanuatu? The list goes on…

Fortunately for me I have had the opportunity to travel to both Thailand and Fiji and let me tell you, both places ticked all of my boxes and rocked my socks but for different reasons.

So let’s compare.


Thailand is incredibly cheap, I’m talking $6 for an hour massage in Bangkok cheap, and no, I’m not talking some lame, airy fairy massage, I’m talking climb on your body, releasing those knots type massage.

While Fiji was still cheaper then Australia, it was more expensive than Thailand.

For example.

$8 Australian dollars in Thailand bought you this for dinner (cocktail included):


In Fiji, $16 Australian dollars bought you this for dinner:


Fiji is closer to Australia than Thailand so you arrive at your tropical location a lot faster if you choose a Fijian holiday. From experience, Fiji (Nadi) is roughly 6 hours from Adelaide: 2 to Sydney and 4 from Sydney. In contrast, Thailand (Phuket) is roughly 10 hours: 8 from Adelaide to Singapore, and 2 from Singapore to Phuket.

Thailand was definitely a retail therapy paradise with markets, handbags, rip of Tiffany and Co jewellery, sunglasses, cheap clothes, tasers, you name it, they had it. After awhile it got a bit “same, same but different” but there were definitely many bargains to be had, especially if you are an avid barterer like me!

Fiji on the other hand wasn’t amazing for shopping.

On the flipside, less shopping in Fiji meant less people to pester you with “you buy, you buy”. “You do me good price I do you good price.” “Come this way, I show you a bargain!”

I guess in that sense, Fiji was more relaxing than Thailand because you could sit on the beach and sip your cocktails without being hassled for your moolah. The only people asking you to buy something is the waiters checking up on you to make sure that your cocktail is full!!!


Without a doubt, Fijian and Thai people are both passionate about their culture. It truly is amazing to see how these people live, celebrate their culture through dancing and singing, and seem to be the most relaxed, happy people on earth.

A Kava Ceremony in Fiji.

Fijians LOVE dancing and singing! Showing a Fijian how we do it in Australia!

Thailand certainly wasn't lacking in culture, but we just chose to sit and sip cocktails instead of doing the touristy culture activites.


Both Thailand and Fiji are gorgeous both above and below the water. The snorkeling is amazing at both, although I would say that the snorkeling off of Turtle Reef in Fiji was better then on the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand.

The beaches were both gorgeous, with white sand and crystal clear water.

Mana IslandsFiji

Phi Phi IslandsThailand.

Based on my experience I would have to say that Fiji is the ULTIMATE relaxation holiday. The Fijians always have the BIGGEST smiles on their face – they will do everything for you from climbing a tree to bring you a fresh coconut, to dancing up a storm! It’s closer to Australia, the food is amazing, and you can sit and relax on the beach without being pestered to buy things.

However, if you’re also up for a bit of retail therapy and you’re on a tighter budget, than Thailand has a little bit of everything all rolled in to one. It’s a little bit further from Australia but it’s way cheaper then Fiji (think $2 for cocktails!), you can have the adrenaline rush of bartering with the locals and the kick of retail therapy if you wish, massages are dirt cheap ($6 for an hour), the pineapples rock your socks, and it really does open your eyes up to another way of life!

Fiji? Thailand? Let’s face it – both are beautiful and both sure beat being at work!

Have you been to Fiji or Thailand or both? Which would you prefer? Would did you love about these countries?

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxxx

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Samara said...

I definitely agree that Fiji is far more relaxing- the people really do make it worth the extra money. Thailand is definitely cheaper however I found that the flights were crazy expensive when we went, so would probably go to Bali instead in the future where not only is everything cheap but so are the flights ;) Although Thailand's beaches are better than Bali's... decisions, decisions!