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Sunday, 10 February 2013


Change; a word that is so heavily loaded with different connotations.

Some people embrace change, new innovations, moving forward, grabbing life by the balls, going with the flow, and adapting to scenarios over time.

Others prefer to tread on the air of caution, sticking to old routines, what they know, and how they've always done things in the past.

The thing is, change is inevitable: things aren't always going to be the same, and we have to choose whether we are going to adapt to these changes, or whether we'll hold on to what's familiar.

I truly believe that it's only once we've stepped out of our comfort zones that we realise our own strengths, goals and dreams.

Having just been someone who has given up a permanent position to become unemployed, who has left a newly renovated home to move back to one that needs a lot of TLC, and someone who has left behind strong friendship groups for the unknown, I know how scary change can be.

But I also know how exciting it is to meet new people, take on new challenges, use your skills in new jobs, and truly focus on what you and your partner want for your future, and that's what makes change all worth it.

So whether you're thinking of a change, or currently going through one, try to remain positive and go with your guts.

You never know what's waiting for you just around the corner.

And my favourite motto is 'grab life by the balls and go for it'. 

I'm looking forward to my new chapter, go grab yours!!!

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxxx

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