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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

No Contribution = No Complaints


What keeps small towns, sporting clubs and associations alive?


Yup, those can do people who put up their hand time and time again, often behind the scenes and with little recognition, just so that you can have a nice tasty snitty back at the club after training, or drills to keep you fit, or umpires stopping havoc from breaking out on game day, or a canteen that serves hot food, or fun social events to attend.

The great thing? You will never hear these people whinge and moan about the tasks that they are working on because they do them out of the goodness of their heart.

The problem?

Those who complain are usually the ones who don't do anything.

You know those ones who rarely ever come back to the club for tea because the steak is cooked a little too tough, or the alcohol is overpriced, or the beers are too cold, or too hot.

Or the ones who sit and bitch on the sidelines, finding anything that they can to pick on, yet when the call goes out for umpires, coaches, canteen rosters, bar minders and helpers, they zoom out of the room faster then a Westerner who has eaten a super hot curry in India and feels a belly rumble.

Yes, those people; the ones who the umpires want to turn around and shove a whistle up their ass to see how loud they can blow it then.


These people are the ones who drive contributors mad.

The other day I heard this little saying that I think could have a huge impact if it became a club's mantra...

'If you don't contribute then you can't complain!'

How amazing is that?!

Not everyone is a can doer, and that's fine; clubs need can-supporters, and can-carve up the dance floorers, and can-chug back a couple cold ones, and can-eat a meat pie faster then the baker can make them too, to keep clubs running.

But what clubs need also is a whole lot less bitching, and a whole lot more appreciating towards the contributors!

No contribution = no complaints, and if you want to complain then contribute... I think that's fair, don't you?


Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxx

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