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Monday, 18 February 2013

The Love For a Little Person

By far one of the greatest joys of growing up is seeing those around you become parents.

It's truly insane how much you can love a little person.

As I was hanging out with my favourite little two year old man making wave and whirl pools last night, I almost burst with pride and love. The little man I was seeing with such personality, cute little giggle, saying my name, and toeing me around by my feet, was the same little man who came into this world 12 weeks early at a tiny 900gms just over two years ago!

My heart melted.

I can already hear my friends making the clucking sound as I write this, and they're probably right; I can't wait to have our own little half Mick and I running around!

Seeing one of our best mates cuddle his son and hearing the little man say I love you daddy was another tear jerker.


It really is crazy how much you can love a little ankle biter!

I think your love, respect and admiration for their parents, whether they're your friends, brothers, sisters or extended family, also grows and strengthens, for they are the ones raising the little champion.

So today's post is for all those little people out there, and the inspiring parents who go through sleepless nights, nappy changes, cracked nipples, spew covered clothes, bags under their eyes, grey hairs and all, to produce cute little cherubs for us to love!

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxx

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