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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Do You Believe in Valentines Day?

I think it's easy now on jump on the Valentines-Day-is-over-commodised-therefore-we-don't-believe-in-it-bandwagon, but I think it's important to remind ourselves why valentines day was created in the first place.

Let's face it, we don't stop celebrating Christmas because of gift giving and we certainly don't give up Easter egg hunts at Easter time...so why should Valentines Day be any different?

While I searched the internet for the history of Valentines Day, a similar story began to arise: a Saint named Valentine married young soldiers in love, who were defied marriage by the law because single men were thought to make better soldiers.

Another version states that Saint Valentine, who was imprisioned, fell in love with his captors daughter, and sent one final love letter to her, signing off with from your valentine.

Whatever story you believe, it's clear that the day represents love, and appreciation for those you care about in your life.

So whether you interpret that as a day of giving flowers, chocolates or teddy bears holding large red love hearts, writing a cute little note to your partner, or blowing it off because you don't believe in it, just think back to the origins of Valentines Day: it's your choice whether you make it commodised or not.

PS, Mick won't be getting flowers, beer or love heart shaped cupcakes, but he was sent a lovely text telling him how much I appreciate him!!!

What do you think about Valentines Day?

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxxx

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Samara said...

I don't buy into the commercial side of Valentines day, but I do certainly think it is a useful day for reminding us to tell our loved ones how much we love them. While at the moment we are young and constantly writing sweet notes, flowers etc, there will come a day when that potentially fades away. It is then that I will be thankful that there is a day that reminds us to tell our partner we love them. I think with all these celebrations we should be careful of how much we buy into the commercialism and make sure we don't lose the total meaning of the celebration :)