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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

What's Your Life Dream?

Be it big or small,  everyone has at least one big achievement that they dream of accomplishing in their life.

It could be to write a book,  learn how to cook fresh pasta from an Italian, run a marathon,  create a fundraising event,  have children,  lose weight, fire a missile,  land on the moon or whatever it is that you have an inner drive and desire to become or partake in.

Have you ever thought about the fact that for many, dreams stay dreams because people think that they only happen in their sleep or mind?

Many are too scared of failure or rejection to give their dream a real shot of becoming a reality. Instead, they spend time coming up with every possible reason for why their dream will never see the light of day and they find themselves pulled in different directions away from their dream as their energy is consumed by life's routine.

But what happens if one day,  you start to bring your dream to life,  and you tell someone else about your idea.  Then all of a sudden,  you have someone else in your life who can remind you of your burning desire and passion to make a difference and do what you've always thought impossible?

Sometimes it's easy to make excuses,  and life can become pretty crazy busy from time to time,  but if you truly want your vision to come true then you are the driver for that success.

You can always start small by creating a vision board so that you can see what your dream looks like on paper instead of playing the scenes over and over again in your mind at night time when youre unable to sleep and feeling restless.

Did you know that a Coke can fill of $2AUS coins would you give $500 to start to make your dream come true?

Or how about using social networks like Facebook to share your idea and to see if there are other like minded people out there willing to help you?

One phone call to a TAFE or university could be the difference between you beginning your journey towards that career you've always imagined yourself in and staying in the brain draining,  mundane job you currently find yourself in wishing you'd chosen a different path.

Updating your resume and dropping it into that business that you've always admired from a distance could be your ticket to landing yourself your dream job.

Popping into a travel agent and picking up some brochures to start researching your dream destination could be the difference between you staring at your screen saver on a tropical island and lazing back on that same beach sipping a pina colada.

Signing up for that really funky and fun gym class once a week for $10 could be the difference between fitting into that dream wedding dress or settling for second best.

My dream was always to write and once I found a platform to launch my vision I'm finding myself striving for further personal achievements.

My next big dream is to create a gala dinner fundraising event to raise funds and awareness for local mental health services in my community.

I've been thinking about it for awhile but was a little overwhelmed with the magnitude of organizing such an event and didn't even know where to start let alone who to contact.

It took sharing my idea with one person who gave me the contact details for a lady involved in country arts and mental health for my dream to seem a little more like a possibility.

From a meeting with her I gained insight into a wider community of people and organisation's out there already involved in the field.

I realized that I had to approach people and share my idea if it ever had a chance of becoming a reality so I bit the bullet and sent out an email introducing myself,  my blog,  my idea and my reasons.

I'm now in the process of creating a little committee of can doers who are eager to help my help spring to life.

How exciting is that?

Who knows what will happen from here but I'm sure to keep you posted. I feel great just knowing that I'm taking the steps to give my idea every opportunity to prosper.

I can't even begin to tell you how amazing it feels to achieve your own personal goals; it is truly so satisfying to be able to share my stories and experience and to see how many doors it's opening.

Your dreams don't have to be about money and they don't even have to involve other people,  you're dreams are what you make them and come through your life experiences and only you can start the ball rolling to make them come true.

Grab life by the balls and give it a good shake it;  there's so little to lose and so much to gain and a level of happiness,  contentness and satisfaction that you otherwise may have not known existed.

What is your big dream?

If time, money, opinions and your own doubts were put aside,  what is it that you really want to do or achieve for you?

Now go and make our happen.

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xx

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