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Monday, 7 April 2014

My Inspiration

"You have cancer."

Many of us couldn't even fathom just how heart breaking it must be to hear those three little words that can flip a life right on its head.

For one of my good friends it became a reality around new years abit over a year ago.

She was 24.

I still remember meeting her at the beach soon after she had had the mole removed as she couldn't swim. We didn't really think much of it.  She was super excited to be celebrating Falls over New Years.

Not long after I received a text;  "I've been diagnosed with melanoma."

I remember the shock as I read the words again and again.

What am I going to say as my reply?

I probably made up some you're a tough cookie look out cancer you're going to kick it's ass type of reply while feeling fairly flat by the whole thing.

I remember visiting this girl in hospital while she was receiving treatment and found it difficult to hold back tears as my once full of life friend who would carve up the netball caught and dance all night long with me could barely make it to the end of the hallway.

She was exhausted from the treatment but was looking forward to getting the hell out of hospital.

Once given the clear, she was given the opportunity to undertake Interferon treatment. This form of treatment tries to stimulate  the immune system of the patient to fight against melanoma cells. It won't stop cancer ever coming back but it helps to deter it.

On the flip side the treatment made her incredibly sick.

I remember receiving a message from her saying that she had started another battle; anxiety.

Well I wanted to kick anxieties ass for rearing it's ugly head during her healing time.

My love for this girl only deepened during this time.

To see a great friend up against two terrifying illnesses at once,  and still be able to have a giggle,  do some retail therapy and to be able to go on facing life as positively as can be given the situation was a real inspiration to me.

She has fought a physical and mental battle and she's doing so well.

I was fortunate enough to be able to send her on a holiday while I was a travel agent.

To see the glow and vitality that had returned to her presence upon her return was truly heart warming.

It was super exciting to receive the news that she is now cancer free,  and can move on with her life, although,  I'm sure,  now with an even greater appreciation for her health and an empathy for other cancer and mental illness sufferers. 

Cancer affects so many lives but it's not until someone you know it's diagnosed that it really hits home.

There are so many brave people out there fighting, that it makes you really appreciate life and being healthy.

To Megan,  you are incredibly speshwal and I'm so proud of you.  I'm sure you've inspired so many other people in your life and I know that you're going to celebrate and enjoy the simple pleasures in life so much more now x

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxxx

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