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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Our focuses for 2014

I'm always excited to start the new year with new focuses, good intentions and the knowledge that new experiences will present themselves.

2013 was the year that we were becoming husband and wife so we spent the year focusing on moving back to the country and saving our money to be able to share our special day with those closest to us.

Our main focus for 2014 is being able to have an exciting, adventurous first year of marriage.

We have some very exciting domestic trips on the cards including a baby shower in Adelaide and meeting our good friends first baby, a road trip to Coober Pedy to catch up with friends, my husband's annual pilgrimage to the Nullabour fishing with the boys, a girls shopping trip to Melbourne that same long weekend and  potentially going to Cairns to spend Christmas with my mother in law.

We're also superly excited to be heading on our much awaited honeymoon to New Zealand for 3 weeks of driving around like crazoes in a Winnebago!!!

We have an action packed adventure planned with a fishing charter in the Bay of Islands, cruising through the Waitomo Cave in a tube seeing the glow worms, relaxing in the hot pools in Rotorua, sipping wine in the Marlborough wine region, flying in a helicopter up to the Fox Glacier and trekking down, white water rafting in Queenstown and floating down Milford Sound on a nature cruise!!!

Our second biggest focus is to start renovating our home in our country town.

We've gone back and forwards deciding on whether we should bulldoze our little shack and start fresh over renovating and plenty of people have offered advice but my husband and I aren't afraid of a challenge so bring it on!!!

The house needs plenty of TLC but we have to be careful not to  over capitalize too so we're going to do a whole heap of DIY, searching on the Internet for pre loved goodies and offering beer and food in return for trusty mates rates.

We're hoping to have a shed built, verandah on the back and new concrete slab down by the end of the year!!!

We've had a builder around to draw up some plans so once that's done we can submit them for Council approval and then once we're back from our honeymoon it'll be head down bum up renovating!

My husband and I are pretty proud of our ability to save and to achieve our focuses so we're pretty pumped to look back on 2014 knowing we've given them a fair crack.

Renovating means spending quality time with my husband achieving our personal goals and seeing our hard earned money and effort right before our eyes. It's hard work, exhausting and incredibly expensive but it's also very rewarding.

Best of all I love how handy my husband is and working together as a team to create a home we re proud of.

Our third focus would be our families. It's crazy how your priorities change over your life. When we lived in Adelaide and away from our families, our friends were our priority. We'd do everything together and we had so many amazing times on wine tours, trying new restaurants, going out on the town, drinking, poker nights and so much more! Now that we have moved home closer to our parents and siblings, as well as our beautiful niece, we love nothing more then dinner dates, Sunday roasts, beach missions, camping trips, Wednesday night snitty night at the pub and quality time with our family. We're incredibly lucky that we are very close to both sides and we always have so much fun with them all. It's nice to know that you can be your complete self and supported with sometimes minimum effort when they are around. Our friends are still incredibly important but we definitely value time with our family too.

So here's to a fabulous year of holidays, adventures, laughs, quality time with friends and family and achieving our renovating goals!!!

What focuses do you have for 2014?

Look after yourself and those around you,
Kirsty xxx

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