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Sunday, 5 January 2014


Love is the greatest gift that you can give to another human being.

There are many different kinds of love.

You may love a child so much that you want to squeeze their little cheeks and eat them up for their cuteness, developing personality and funny little actions fill your heart with  simple contentness to sit and admire humans ability to create life.

Love differs for your parents in a bond that was formed at birth and changes with your knowledge and understanding of the world, which you once viewed through their eyes and now you view through your own lenses of experiences.

There's a love you have for your siblings, which, despite each others differences and rather honest opinions, you'd protect against anyone or anything that threatens their happiness.

Friendships blossom over time to create a deep mutual understanding for each others strengths and weaknesses creating a love different to blood but equally as special. Your admiration for them grows as you see them making decisions that turns them into educators, travelers, husband's and wives, parents and people in search for happiness, acceptance and belonging.

Over your lifetime you will fall in love with places, people and things, and over time your priorities we change and you ll develop a love for new things that you discover along life's journey.

But perhaps most importantly, is the love you grow and share for your partner. Be that a man or woman, finding love is one of the most special joys in life.

Love changes over time from courtship, flirting and physical attraction to a deep understanding of another's personality traits, achievements and life goals.

As time goes on, so your love grows stronger.

Life's challenges tests your love to find its strength, and often either breaks a bond or strengthens the fibres that holds the intertwined lives together.

Sharing your deepest secrets, biggest fears, craziest thoughts and major experiences creates a new level of love and  understanding for why one may act the way they do.

And love is strengthened through the decision to commit each others lives together as one, to help each other achieve their goals and dreams as you combine finances, thoughts, and knowledge to create a powerful team.

Just when you think your love couldn't become any stronger, you marry the person who captured your heart, and then you see them through a completely different lenses. They become part of you, and they share in your love for your family, friends and each other.

You share a last name and you work together to achieve great things.

There is so much beauty in love.

A simple kiss, hug or gesture from someone you love can totally change your day.

Love can help to heal wounds.

It can provide comfort for when you have love you are never alone.

Love makes you see the good in the world.

It proves that no amount of money, or no career or big achievement is quite the same without having people around you who love you to share your excitement with.

Love can do crazy things to people.

We all strive to be loved and we all feel content when others show their affection towards us.

So whether it be family, friend or partner love, there's no doubting the beauty and emotions that go with it.

Love is free and everyone has the ability to love. We just need to show it a whole lot more so that people know that no matter how horrible things may get, they have one thing to hold on to, the greatest gift in life, love.

When you find love you must hold onto it tightly and treat it with respect, kindness and admiration, for love will grow stronger with these gestures and you'll be surprised by how much happiness can come from love.

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxx

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