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Sunday, 29 December 2013

My Inspiration

Some times the people in your life who have the biggest impact are totally unaware of just how significant their actions, guidance and support have been to your journey.

I truly believe that today's special lady would say that she was just doing her job, but it is her job that gives hope and educates so many people on a local level, providing them with the opportunity to speak out and share their stories.

I have known Emma since school but she was a little older then me. Even back then I knew that she had a massive presence on the school radio.

I watched her over the years turn into an amazing radio presenter who always seemed super passionate about her career choice.

It wasn't until we decided to move home that I reached out to Emma via good old Facebook for advice on finding a pathway into journalism.

It was Emma who suggested creating a portfolio of writing through the Avenue of a blog. Me, being totally  technologically challenged, was a tad nervous about the whole thing, but decided to give it a crack.

Since then I haven't looked back.

I remember forwarding on a few links to Emma in the early stages for her advice and she was brilliant. She encouraged me to include links to helpful sites, add pictures and continue writing about the 3 hs; health, hip pocket and happiness.

It has been Emma who has allowed my blog to reach a bigger audience then what I could've ever imagined.

She has opened up opportunities like being able to share my stories on ABC Open, being  interviewed on live radio to share my message about accepting, dealing with and moving on from depression and she has allowed me to net work with some pretty  inspirational people.

My proudest achievement with Emma was Mental health week this year. Together we collected and edited stories from local people suffering from mental illnesses and shared them on the ABC open website in hope that others would reach out for the help they need and to create awareness and empathy for the horrible illnesses that they are.

The response was massive, with the writers receiving gifts, food donations and words of support from their local communities.

To say I am proud of what we are achieving is an  understatement.

Emma has helped me find my purpose and she has given me the belief in myself and  opportunities to help as many people as I can who are affected by mental health.

Emma truly is an unsung hero to her local community who goes above and beyond her role to keep people safe, informed, and happy through the radio and various projects she  undertakes.

I'm so grateful that I reached out to Emma and that she grabbed my hand and helped me reach out to others.

There is another project that Emma has helped point me in the direction of with some amazing contacts underway for 2014 that would help tick another massive achievement off my bucket list but it's still in the planning stage so watch this space.

To Emma, you've helped me beyond belief with my post depression emotions and together we are helping everyone who reads and listens to our stories. I owe you a beverage or 10.

Who is an inspiration in your life?

Have you ever told them how much they mean to you?

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxx

To read the stories from mental health week click here https://open.abc.net.au/openregions/sa-west-coast-33ls3su/posts?page=2

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