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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Why Divorce is an Option For Me

Marriage is a choice.

Loving someone is a choice.

Caring for someone you love is a choice.

Committing to someone is a choice.

Protecting someone is a choice.

Being faithful to someone is a choice.

Honesty is a choice.

Staying by someone's side when things become tough is a choice.

Divorce is a choice.

Marriage should never make you feel like you have to stay with someone because you promised to in your vows despite the abuse, mistreatment, lack of respect, lying and guilt someone may place on you.

If you have tried to give 150% when they could only give 50 and you've used all of your energy and love so that you are lost,  incomplete and threatening your own health and happiness then yes, I think divorce is an option.

We choose to marry someone when we are in love, on the same page, moving forward in our lives, and we choose to do this even though each other is not perfect.

We never expect for things to ever turn sour or for the person we love and give our lives to, to turn on us, but people do change and if that change turns in opposite directions or someone becomes oppressed and threatened, then yes, divorce may be the only option.

I don't think divorce means giving up easily, in fact, I think it'd have to be one of the toughest, heart breaking decisions that a human being must have to make when everything they have committed their life to comes crashing down and they have no where else to turn.

No one really wants to be alone and it's not human nature to give up, particularly on things we love.

So yes, I think divorce is an option.

If the person I loved ever cheated on me, abused me, questioned or tried to change my core being, threatened my safety or those who I love,  continually lied to me, failed again and again and again to put effort into our  relationship and became a negative force in my life then yes, divorce would be an option.

I don't believe in staying with someone purely because divorce isn't an option.

I don't believe in living life unhappily  married because you're too scared to leave.

I don't believe that the one person who should make you feel loved, safe and happy should turn into your worst enemy.

I'm not naive in thinking that divorce won't happen to me. I love my husband and right now, I'd do anything for him and our future, but I know that marriage is a verb and not a noun and that I must continue to put effort into our relationship, never take him for granted, let him know that he's my main priority, cuddle him, buy special gifts for him and just genuinely let him know that I choose to love him, for divorce will always be an option.

I would hate for my relationship to suffer because I couldn't communicate my love and appreciation.

Never take your loved one for granted, because divorce may be an option for them too.

What do you think about divorce? Is it an option for you? Do you think people really give up too easily?

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxx

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Audrey said...

Wise words Kirsty