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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Big People's Decisions

Growing older is inevitable - growing up is a choice.

While people can choose to be immature when they want to be, when it comes to big decisions your big person's hat gets dragged out of the closest and some serious head hurting thinking is involved.


Decisions seem to become harder the longer your digits continue to tick over.

Once upon a time the biggest decision was how to wear your hair to school - now it's deciding where to invest money with minimal risk but maximum return, when to pay your bills, how to make ends meet, what your priorities are, gaining a work life balance, finding the right partner, balancing friends, family, lovers and yourself and so many more difficult choices.


It's not all doom and gloom as you get older; there's certainly so much to look forward to and the world really does become your oyster.

If you are determined enough, then you will make your dreams come true - even if it means going without things you love for a while in order to save your hard earned dollars to bring those desires to life.

The possibilities to travel the world are endless, there's a million different education opportunities out there from tafe modules to university degrees, apprenticeships, traineeships and so much more!

You only get bored if you allow yourself to settle for anything less then you deserve.

There's new relationships to be making daily, from work mates to sporting communities, committees that you can become involved in, friends of friends, new families moving into town, boyfriends and girlfriends and tapping into their circles.

There's amazing decisions to make like when to get married and start a family.

You also, fingers crossed, have developed the skills to manage your finances so that you can afford to have that little coffee treat a day or to splurge on retail therapy.

But yes, with growing older comes added responsibility.

There's a time when you will have to manage your career goals with your home life.

There's a time when you will need to balance your health with your head and your heart.

There's a time when you may need to make incredibly difficult decisions, like walking away from things you love, to achieve the bigger pictures in your life.

There's times when you will grow apart from close friends because you are choosing different paths to take.

There's times when you will butt heads with your loved one, due to life's stresses, and you will have to find a happy medium to be able to continue life on the same page.

There's times when you will find yourself with zero dollars in your bank account despite your hard working efforts and you will think what's the point?

There's times when you will need to decide what things are worth your energy, because everyone has a limited amount of energy.

There's times when your priorities will change, sometimes, what feels like, overnight, and you will need to change to fit your new needs and desires.

There's times when you will have to let go of pain.

There's times when you will need someone stronger then you at the time to lean on.

There's times when you will be the rock for someone else.

There's times when you will need to put your own needs and desires second to someone else's.

There's times when you will need to compromise your opinions, feelings and thoughts with someone else's.

There are challenging times out there.

There are difficult decisions to be made.

But always remember that as long as you are happy, and those closest to you are happy, then nothing else matters.

Sometimes this does mean taking a giant step back to get some perspective.

Sometimes this will be devastating, difficult and heart wrenching but only you can decide what is truly important to you and it's your decisions that will protect these.

What big decisions have you had to make? 

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxx

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