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Friday, 13 December 2013

Those who give generously receive generously.

It's that time of the year where it's impossible to find a car park at a shopping Centre, you can almost smell the scent of plastic burning from credit cards being slashed through teller machines, a special tree is pulled out of its spot in the cupboard to be erected and people are writing naughty and nice lists... yup Christmas!!!

What a special time of the year!!!

It's the time of giving generously, cooking treats to entertain loved ones, hanging bright globes for the joy of the passer Byers, thinking about what those closest to you would enjoy when they rip back the carefully wrapped presents, booking flights and planning trips to reunite with loved ones,  reflecting on your year and getting excited about what gifts others might have for you.

It's also the time of the year to take a moment to think about how truly lucky we are to be born into a country with peace so that we can have a very merry Christmas.

We're so incredibly fortunate to have the finances to spoil our loved ones and to know that we'll receive nice gifts in return.

We know that come Christmas Day, our bellies will be bursting from food as we always  overindulge in the delicatable once a year goodies and that our hearts will be bursting with love because of the opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family.

We value generosity and because we know that others will spend time and money carefully selecting the right gift for us, we also choose to invest our energy to find an impressive gift for them.

As you grow older, you tend to be given bigger, more expensive items as opposed to hundreds of small ones and the day becomes less about the presents and more about the presence of loved ones.

It is this such change in thinking that brings into question the generosity of giving at Christmas time and the recipients of our money.

I feel as though I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by lovely things all year round that make my life comfortable. I'm starting to question the need for more clutter and money spent on me by others when I have money of my own. This year, I've been thinking about giving gifts to those that aren't usually on my present buying list.

These people include charities, the homeless and organizations that help others to bring some cheer into their lives, if only in the short term.

I figure that I can't buy them everything that they need all of the time, but I could spend some of my money to make them smile and realize that there are people out there that care and the world isn't such a horrible place.

This year I'm going to buy a present to put under k marts wishing tree and I'm going to talk more seriously with my husband about sponsoring a child.

Next year I'm going to ask my loved ones to donate the money they'd spend on me to a charity, like the Royal flying doctors buy a piece of the sky project.

There's more to giving generously then receiving generously, because instead of items you receive love.

Imagine making someone's Christmas Day?

I also think that what goes around comes around and who knows who might be using the charity you support one day?

Do you give away money and presents to charitites at Christmas time?

What charities or organizations do you suggest?

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxx

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Brooke N said...

We had a saint vinnies christmas tree in the office again this year and it was so much fun going and buying toys for kids who are less fortunate