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Friday, 20 December 2013

My Inspirations

We all look up to people. Whether it's because you're short or tall, we all have people in our lives who we admire and wished that we could be respected and seen to have qualities that they possess.

I'm starting a new segment called My  Inspirations that is going to recognize those people who have truly impacted my life, for too often we fail to acknowledge the greatness in people.

First up is a remarkable lady called Audrey who has played a huge part in not only my professional career but she was also the Beacon of hope that I needed when my road ahead was still dark around the edges as I dealt with the raw emotions post depression.

I met Audrey hot out of high school at the ripe age of 17 as the big city lights reflected in awe in my wide bright blue eyes as I started my journey as a country kid in a big city.

She ran a program at my university of choice that aimed to help country kids and many others in their  transition to university in hope of making it as smooth as possible.

Audrey was one of the first faces that I met on campus and one that I clung onto for support throughout my 7 years in Adelaide.

In my second year she gave me the opportunity to become a mentor for first year students and so our  relationship changed to colleagues.

During my time as a mentor Audrey gave me the confidence to speak in front of lecture theatre's full of students; one of my greatest fears in life!!!

Ironically, when I decided that teaching wasn't for me it was Audrey who came to my rescue to help me create a resume to sell myself.

I remember sitting in a cafe once with Audrey and another lady and thinking on my feet as they threw interview questions at me to prepare me for my first ever real life interview for a big person's job.

The job was at the  University and I scored permanentcy.  All was going well in my career when I fell horribly ill with depression.  I ended up taking 3 months off of work to fight my illness.

When I made the slow return to work, I found out that a woman's mentoring program that I had signed up for had assigned Audrey as my professional mentor.

It was here that Audrey really rocked my socks.

I was lost, shattered in fact, with no confidence in sight. I had to start from scratch working 3 days a week for 3 hours at a time and slowly building up my hours back to full time after so long off. I was emotionally exhausted and dealing with the demons post depression. In a sense I think that I had post traumatic stress.

It was Audrey who helped me find my voice again.

She taught me to believe in myself.

I did a lot of soul searching that year, including asking male and female colleagues what my  strengths and weaknesses were at work, taking personality tests to understand myself better, posing questions to Audrey like how to deal with conflict in the work place and so much more that helped me beyond belief.

One of the best activities that Audrey assigned me was to write little pick me ups to myself that I carried in my handbag.

They included things like I am strong, I am happy, I deserve respect, I am capable, I can deal with stress, I need to be kind to myself, it's okay to make mistakes, I'm not perfect and that's okay.

Whenever I'd second guess myself I would whip out the cards and reassure myself whether that be on the ride home in a bus or mid work day while suppressing a panic attack and racing to the toilets with my cards in hand!!!

Audrey and I would have dinner dates and would go to professional development courses together.

It was in one of these that I wrote that my dream was to start a blog creating awareness about topics that go unspoken to educate people.

I never knew just how powerful writing down my life goal was.

Audrey had changed from the coordinator of a mentoring program to my manager as a mentor myself, to becoming my professional mentor and finally, a great friend.

I was super proud to have Audrey present on my wedding day.

She truly is such an amazing lady who went above and beyond her job description.

She is beautiful on the inside and out and I don't think I'll ever be able to show her much I appreciate the influence she has had on my life.

To Audrey, you have been recognized for your generosity and work ethic with awards, great successes in programs and overseas trips but none of those things can ever truly show just how much of an impact you have on people's lives!!!

I'm just one of the many people you've touched.

So thank you; I hope that I can be half the woman you are in life.

Who is an inspiration in your life?

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxxx

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Audrey said...

Kirsty, I am in tears reading this. It has been such a privilege to get to know you. YOU have inspired me. Your openness, honesty and determination have led you to where you are now. You have been open to new ideas, been willing to reflect on your life and make changes. But most of all you have been willing to share your experiences and continue to have an amazing impact on many lives, including people close to me. I love and admire you and am so proud of the person you are. You are a loving person with a huge heart and are also a very fun person to be around. Lots of love xxxxx