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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Hypnosis; Did It Work For Me?


Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight a whoop whoop, get down tonight a whoop whoop!

Ohhhh I feel like dancing, dancing, ohhh dancing the night away!

Sorry,  sorry, sorry I'm getting a little carried away  but I can't help myself from busting out in song and doing a little celebratory dance because it's how I feel about life right about now; excited,  enthusiastic and full of beans!

In fact,  the only way that I can really describe how I'm feeling is that after sex,  orgasmic glow, where you feel like you're floating on air, with your heart pumping full of adrenaline,  and feeling kind of giddy with a goofish grin on your face.

Every one must be looking at me thinking wow, she's got a big spring in her step, she must have gotten laid last night! 

So yes, as you can probably tell by my excitement, hypnotherapy rocked my socks! 
To be honest, I was SO nervous when I stepped into the therapists room because I really didn't know what to expect.

A million things were running through my brain;

Will this work for me?

Shit; what am I going to say while I'm under her spell? (She's not a witch by the way lol)

What if I can't be put under hypnosis and I'm just left sitting there like a goofball?

Oh please, please work,  I've got a big speech tonight and I need some confidence because I'm pooping my panties.

Needless to say, my fears were all shattered within ummm 20 seconds tops, when after staring at a spot on a painting and opening and closing my eyes Chantelle said you're now under hypnosis and if you don't believe me try to open your eyes.

Well, I tried my hardest,  almost popped a pooper valve but no matter how much I tried to open my eyelids they just felt like they were glued shut!


Holy Shit,  this is actually working!

And slowly (okay so pretty quickly actually) I began to fall deeper and deeper into hypnosis, going back further and further into my subconscious.

What I didn't know is that our subconscious stores everything and when I say everything, I mean every sight, scent, words, actions,  thoughts,  feelings, events and behaviors from day dot; yup birth, and that by being hypnotized,  we can recall these things from our subconscious and bring them back to the tips of our tongues!  

Wait what? Gar!  What's hidden in there?

Via Your subconscious may hide the key to your happiness!

So I went to see Chantelle to conquer my fear of public speaking but what I never ever could've imagined in a million years is that the cause of my public speaking fear wasn't a bad experience with talking in front of people. In fact, through hypnosis, we found that it was the first time in my life that I had ever felt powerless and unable to speak up that was the root for my anxiousness; a time that I couldn't even remember, or didn't even know how much it was still affecting me until this point!

How on earth do I know that this was the cause? 

Jingos don't ask me how she did, but here's what I can remember happening.

Chantelle asked me to describe the feeling I felt when I thought about public speaking.

I said fear.

She asked me to think about the first time in my life that I had ever felt this way.

Ummmmmmmmmm.......God knows would be my normal response,  but under hypnosis my subconscious bought some information to light.

I couldn't answer at first, so Chantelle asked me to look at my hand and to tell her how old I was.

Right in front of my eyes I saw a little girls hand, and I guessed she was around 8.

What the heck? What is happening to me?

 But I didn't feel scared under hypnosis.  It didn't feel odd; it felt real.

I was able to describe the event where I first felt fear in my life so clearly; so vividly in fact that I couldn't hold back the tears running down my face.

It was then that Chantelle "took me back to that event" as an adult, looking at the situation unfold as if I was a fly on the wall.

I had to reassure my 8 year old self, telling her what I would say to make her feel calm, in control and loved in that situation.

I then had to think of the place in my life that I feel the most calm, and loved so that I could recall these feelings when I'm in front of a crowd of people simply by touching my index finger to my thumb.

Next Chantelle had me describe how I felt when I was standing in front of a group of people.
I had to image myself hovering above an auditorium full of people, and create a funny scene with clowns, jugglers, and a streaker and anything I could think of to make the situation funny.

I then had to imagine something that I didn't believe in; I choose aliens.

She made me see that this idea in my head of being useless at public speaking was as silly as the picture of a green martian!

Image result for funny green martian

Then, slowly, we built up positive images, thoughts and feelings in this scene in the auditorium in regards to public speaking.

Finally I visualized my speech that I was going to deliver that night, realising my intentions for the speech, and picturing each topic and important dot point as a life raft on my way to a deserted island out in the middle of the sea.

Chantelle taught me that the words in a speech don't matter; it's the emotions and passions that you express as you talk that touch people and will be what they remember and identify with.

I could see myself presenting confidently, with my audience engaged, laughing,  looking and me and reacting to my speech in a positive way.

I felt confident, excited and ready to deliver my speech that night!

Wait what? I never, ever thought that I would hear myself saying those things!

I left feeling quite drained after the ordeal, excited about the new opportunities that this presented for me, but completely robbed of all energy because of the emotions that had been bought to the surface!Chantelle ensured me that my energy levels would come flooding back very soon - and rest assured - they did!

I had the opportunity to put hypnosis to the test that night, as I had been asked to give a talk on mental health to a club in Port Lincoln.

Usually I would be a complete wreck; unable to focus on anything else, feeling dizzy,  unable to talk or eat, heart beating, with a million toilet stops, and while I still felt a little nervous I decided this was a good thing because it meant that I cared.

I practiced taking 3 deep breaths to calm myself and take charge.

I kept a check on my thinking; replacing nervous with excited,  repeating that I feel confident,  I'm passionate about this topic, I know my story better then anyone, I want to do this, this is an exciting opportunity.

I escaped down to the foreshore after work to catch my breath, clear my mind, and to try a bit of downward dog posing to calm my body and mind and then I thought this is it, bring it on.

Well you could knock me down with a feather but I did it! 


I got up and spoke in front of 50 people, and barely used my notes.  Not to brag but I had them eating out of the palms of my hands. They were hanging on to my every word, laughed when I cracked a joke and were even smiling at me.

I could ask questions, and wait for it,  actually listen to what they had to say and could have and a bit of a joke and answer them back!

Andddddd they even had questions for me.

One guy asked if he could have some of what I was on!!!

Another asked how hypnotherapy went for me and I joked saying well I'm not clucking like a chicken and I'm not an absoloute nervous wreck so fabulously.

Perhaps my biggest claim to fame was one guy who said it was the first time that he hadn't fallen asleep in a talk! WINNING!

At the end of my speech a guy came onto the stage to thank me; I think I may have even had a little tear in my eye as he said how confident I was and how it was evident from my body language and emotions that I was very passionate about the topic and that it had rubbed off on them.

And after, people came up to me to tell me their stories, to congratulate me, and to say they'd love to get involved.

One thing that really stood out to me was my managers comment who said "I've seen you grow so much over the past year, from the first time you gave a speech and you were shaky and uncertain and almost lost for words, to standing up there tonight owning the stage."

I can't even begin to describe how empowered I feel; and what opportunities and doors this is opening for me on a personal level.

It feels so good to let go.

It feels so empowering to take charge.

I feel so alive.

So no, I didn't cluck like a chicken and yes, I can safely say that hypnotism worked for me.

I can't recommend it enough to anyone else who is suffering from anxiety or depression, or feels like something is holding them back that they want to take charge of their life.

Look out world I say!

Cheers to grabbing life by the balls.

If you like on the EP, I highly recommend you getting in touch with Chantelle Smith, she is truly amazing!

Indigo Phoenix

She runs Indigo Phoenix Hypnotherapy in Port Lincoln.

Check out her facebook page

Look after yourself and those around you,

Not clucking just super happy,

Kirsty x

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Audrey said...

What a fabulous account Kirsty. I am excited for you. You are a walking advertisement for courage and determination. Your enthusiasm is contagious. There's no stopping you, Fabulous Woman