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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Where do you use your energy?

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Where do you use your energy?

We all have a limited amount of energy, but have you ever sat down and thought about where you are spending this precious resource?

Do you use your energy achieving your goals, focuses and purpose in life, or are you busy using your energy helping others to achieve theirs?

When was the last time you used your energy doing something that you really wanted to do – something for yourself, like  reading a book, going for a walk, writing in your diary, downloading your favourite music, having  a movie marathon or tinkering in the toolshed?

Is your calender scarily full? You know, like you’re afraid of looking too far ahead because just thinking about all of the events, meetings and things you’ve signed up to makes you feel anxious?

There just simply isn’t enough hours in the day – or are there?

Are we choosing to make our lives crazy busy in order to “fit everything in” at the expense of what? Our health? Our sanity?

Are we so used to running on an empty tank and stress that it just feels “normal” now?

How can we live a more balanced life so that we can reserve our energy for the things that are truly important to use, leaving our tank feeling  full?

Does conserving our energy have anything to do with creating a focus in our lives and knowing what we truly want?

If we knew what we wanted, and what we were aiming for, then it may make it easier to say “no” if something pops up that’s off of our course, so that we can direct our energy to where we will feel genuinely happy and satisfied.

If we choose to spend our lives trying to please others, make others happy and using our energy to achieve others goals and purposes, then we’re running the risk of living an unbalanced life where we never really achieve anything that we truly want to do.

Of course, it’s fine to help others, infact, society wouldn’t function if we lived in our individual silos worried about conserving our energy. The point is, that our energy isn’t finite; so we need to decide where it is we really want to use it.

Maybe it’s time to make a list of the important things in your life.

What do you want from life?

What do you choose to achieve in the next week/month/year?

How can you choose to live a balanced life, while juggling all of it’s demands and spreading your energy evenly?

Create a focus, and practice sticking to it; you deserve to put yourself first, and to use your precious resource to make yourself, and those you care about happy.


We all have a choice; and we can only control our own behaviour, feelings and thoughts. If we blame others for using our energy, leaving us running empty, then we're taking away the power from ourselves to make change.

We choose where we focus our energy; no one else does. They can influence where they think you should use it, but you ultimately have the choice.

I choose to focus on energy on keeping myself fit, creating a mentally fit EP, renovating our house, and spending quality time with those I care about.

Look after yourself and those around you,

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