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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

You've Asked - I'm Answering; FAQS About My Hypnotherapy Experience

As with anything new and slightly out of our comfort zones, we have questions; lots of questions!

These thoughts often increase when the topic of discussion is heavily debated, stigmatized and blown out of proportion by Hollywood films, the media and the things we absorb in our lives.

Like hypnotherapy; I think the TV has a lot to answer for!

Since experiencing hypnotherapy for myself and after sharing my experience, I have come across a few FAQs and concerns from people so I thought I'd attempt to answer them on my blog. Since I'm all for self help, learning ways to become mentally fit and exploring new options, I really wanted to help ease some of the anxieties around hypnotherapy so people can see how truly beneficial it is.

1. Did I cluck like a chicken? No, but she didn't ask me to. If she had of then I probably would of because let's face it, I'd do it very tongue in cheekly as a joke when I'm not hypnotized, and probably even more so if I'm influenced by alcohol. The thing is, the hypnotist can't make you do anything you wouldn't normally do in the waking state. If they could then just imagine the money they could make from the films they could create by getting you to act out certain role plays, R rated included, while you have no idea!

2. Did I remember everything?
Yes, I remember everything that I chose to say and everything the hypnotist asked me.

3.Was I scared of what I'd say or spilling my guts and saying things that I didn't want to?

Of course I was nervous when I first entered the room, but that's a normal reaction to trying something new and exploring the unknown...and then of course I was like OMG what am I going to say? But the honest truth is that I still had control over what I said.  I chose to be open because I wanted to find out the cause of my public speaking fear and I found it so freeing, empowering and weight lifting.

I can't stress enough that the hypnotist can't make you so or do anything you wouldn't usually say or do to someone; you still have a choice.

Like the other day at a retreat, Chantelle asked us to visualize kicking away our negative thoughts. Even though my leg was twitching, eager to literally kick the thoughts away, I knew that people were laying either side of me and I didn't want to hurt or scare them so I chose not to.

4. Did I actually go into hypnosis?
I must admit at the start that I was a little bit skeptical and was worried that I wouldn't be able to go into hypnosis but low and behold within 20 seconds I was under...and how did I know? Because Chantelle asked me to open my eyes and I couldn't!

5. Did I feel weird afterwards?
When I first came out of hypnosis I felt exhausted, but only because I'd faced some strong fears and relived some of the events in my life that were quite emotionally draining. It was kind of like that feeling you have after having a big cry; just physically spent. But it lasted all of 10 minutes. Soon after I felt revitalized and ready to take on the world!

6. How much does it cost?
It would obviously vary from hypnotist to hypnotist with some charging as much as $500 -$600 for a once off, one hit session. Chantelle at Indigo Phoenix Hypnotherapy charges $180 for an hour and a half consult. I know this sounds like a lot of me, because trust me, we're penny pinching too with renovations, bills and life, but after I had finished my session and delivered a successful talk and conquered my public speaking fear I wanted to give Chantelle a million dollars! As she says, you can't put a price on your health. To feel better, in control again, to slam anxieties and find out the cause of your pain and heartache and most importantly to open instead of close doors in your life, is priceless!

7. It's too weird for me...
Everyone is different and everyone has a choice and I can respect that. Hypnotherapy worked for me, so I can say, based on my experience, that I'd recommend to anyone to give it a go.  I know when I was really sick that I would've tried anything to feel better, and I wished I had of known of hypnotherapy as an option at the time. I can only encourage people to give it a go; life begins when you step out of your comfort zone.

8. Do I have to be suffering from depression or anxiety to go?
No, not at all, people can go for many different reasons relative to habitual, behavioural and/or emotional changes such as giving up smoking, conquering their fear of flying, phobias over public speaking, just for a "top up" to feel good, to help with confidence issues, sleeping problems, seriously anything!

9. Can I use hypnotherapy to help with my depression and anxiety?
Absolutely YES! I truly believe that we're all looking for a way to help ourselves, and for other options to compliment snd maybe even avoid medication, and this is one such option. No harm can come from hypnotherapy! 

10. Can I go for no reason at all?
I asked Chantelle this question the other day and she said yes! Usually during hypnosis something might "pop up" that you may or may not wish to explore!

I truly must say that hypnotherapy is one of the most beautiful experiences that I have had.

If you could think of the time you've been most relaxed ie at farm beach with a cider in hand watching the sunset, with your toes buried in the sand surrounded by those closest to you while laughing, then I can almost guarantee that you'll feel 1000 times more relaxed then that!

Your brain is so powerful; this is just one way of accessing the memories, sights, sounds and feelings stored inside!

I'm definitely on the hypnotherapy bandwagon and can't recommend it enough...especially Chantelle Smith at Indigo Phoenix Hypnotherapy here in Port Lincoln.

Thank you to opening my mind up to ultimate self control!

Have you ever tried hypnotherapy?

What other questions do you have?

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxx

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