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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Oh baby! The First 6 Weeks.

There's only one thing that could possess a woman to heave herself out of the comforts of a warm toasty bed on a drizzly night, to slip her uggboots on over her onesie and drive around to her parents house at 1130 pm to cook chicken nuggets, in the hope that when they were sizzling hot and ready to devour she still felt like them...

Yup pregnancy.

(And for the record they were the best tasting chicken nuggets that I'd ever eaten!)

My husband and I are working on our next project; baby t and me oh my are we quickly finding out that there's some very fine writing that slips through the radar when reading the blue print for parenthood. 

So here goes, a no holes bared approach to pregnancy as I attempt to enlargen this delicate print so that other oblivious expectant mums, friends of the now crazy hormonal lady, husband's who are working through the challenges of a wife who doesn't really know what she wants and all parties concerned have a little sneak peak into the changes their loved one is experiencing.

1. Read the instructions when taking a pregnancy test. This may seem like an obvious thing to do, but silly me, in all my excitement (after purchasing the test in the nearest regional city because there was NO WAY that I was being seen buying a pregnancy test in my tiny town of 1000 people!), peed on the stick, waiting 2 secs and quickly dismissed it as negative before discarding it in the bin...

Note; you must wait a few minutes for the test result to appear.

Fortunately, I had a light bulb moment and thought oh it might be a good idea to read the instructions and hey presto, luckily I'd saved the pee in the cup and slowly before my eyes I saw a second line appear.

My reaction?

Wait, does it mean one control line will appear and then if you're pregnant a second line will appear? Or is there meant to be one control line and then 2 pregnancy lines?

After 2 more tests (I bought 9!) I started to feel a little giddy and decided to zoom home to break the news to my husband.

2. Now what?
Again, maybe another obvious question but as first time parents we weren't sure what came next after our luminescent urine line on a stick!

Phone a doctor.

I have never felt so nervous in my life. "And what brings you here today?"

"Ummmm I think I might be pregnant!"

(What the hell?  What kind of an answer is that? I think I might be? Wouldn't you know either way? OMG what if I'm not and I just like some overly  energetic sexed up woman who looks like someone who takes a pregnancy test the second the sperm is ejected from the penis and now I just look like a twat? ) Yup, I thought that.

Luckily for me I saved myself from that embarrassment because the Dr concluded that yes, there was in fact a faint second line that had appeared!

3. So when was your last period?

Again, maybe something obvious to take note of when you start trying for a family but little itty bitty silly me usually knows my period is due when it arrives on my doorstep...

Embarrassingly enough I had to think back to events that occurred around the time of my last period to pinpoint the start date....oh yes had sex that weekend, ohhh yes we did haha ohhh nope, all entrances blocked that weekend boo yeah!
Note to self keep a calender for future reference.

4. You can be pregnant before you've even had sex...

Wait what? Okay so not technically...but your due date is calculated from the first day of your last period and not from the date you had sex...So technically your last period could be the 13th of February and you don't conceive until the 27th and by the time you miss a period and take a test you may already be 4-5 weeks pregnant because the date is calculated from the 13th.... With me?
Strange... so yes, when we found out we were already 5 weeks pregnant (seriously this tripped me out for a little bit but you get your head around it).

5. Remaining blissfully naive.
We all have a choice when it comes to pregnancy; reading every book in site to understand the ins and outs, burps and farts,  tenderness, weight gain, ability to smell a fart the minute it leaves the person's anus and all of the wonderful changes to your body,  or remain blissfully naive.
For the first time in my life I've stopped myself from hiring every book in the library, reading pregnancy blogs, liking pages,  downloading all of the recommended apps and asking others about their experiences and comparing my own. Instead, I'm choosing to go with the flow, with the exception of consulting doctor Google for important questions like can I eat prawns on pizza and is Mercy Valley cheese okay to eat while pregnant?
I just don't want to freak out and stress over every little thing.
The choice is mine, and we all make our own so that we can cope and understand the changes to our bodies and lives.
But blissfully unaware seems to be working for now...
Anyhoo that seems to be the stand out points for the first 6 weeks (I'm currently 9 weeks while writing this) and boy oh boy do I have some juicy stories to tell in my next oh baby blog post.
Above all I have to say that I'm grateful for the experience because I know that not everyone gets the chance to have a biological child and that is something that I affirm to myself every day when I had my head in a bucket.... haha
Look after yourself and those around you,
Kirsty xxx

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