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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Oh Baby; I've Got This!

Something amazing happens during pregnancy; your body, the body you've always had, the body that has carried you through life and all of its ups and downs, creates a precious baby.

So you might be thinking ummm yes Kirsty....that is what pregnancy is all about, creating a little human, but I just want to take some time to think about this miracle, the miracle of life, for just one moment.

Our beautiful bodies "have got this."

What on earth do I mean?

Well we don't have to read a "creating a baby for dummies" book, provide our brain and body with intrinsic instructions, create ridiculously long and arduous to do lists, and stress over our bodies ability to create a baby; it just does it...As though it's the most beautiful and natural progression of events that your body has ever had to follow.

Of course, there's thousands of books out there on parenting, childbirth and everything from what to eat, say and do while pregnant, but let's face it, we don't have to tell our baby right week 1, start replicating cells and DNA to create a human life form,  or week 24, start growing hair molecules with color pigmentation that will determine whether the baby is blonde, brown, black red or anything in between!

"Our bodies have got this!"

May I say that this realization is one of the most comforting things that I have learnt and discovered during pregnancy; that I don't have to stress, I don't have to worry about things growing according to plan or my baby having 10 toes and 10 little fingers because "my bodies got this!"

If, of course, at the end of the day,  our baby is born with a missing toe or a birth mark on its face, or with autism, or any other special circumstance, then I too know that "my body's got this" and so long as we can teach our baby to be resilient, then all will be okay.

So what is my message in today's post?

Sometimes I think we over complicate things, we stress out about things outside of our control, we choose to panic and cry and freak out and read and download every app  and listen to people's advice about pregnancy and parenthood, when perhaps we could be choosing to stay calm and to believe in our body and babies ability to handle even the most challenging of situations.

I for one need to let go!

I'm choosing to breath in calmness and breath out stress.

As one amazingly beautiful and spiritual lady has taught me;

"I've got this!"

"My body was made for this".

"I am enough".

Pregnancy is such a beautiful, treasured gift, but I'm not for a second going to pretend that it's always smooth sailing; life still goes on, things happen that are outside of our control and sometimes we can find ourselves a little more stressed then we'd like to be, but I honestly believe that if we can learn to trust ourselves and our babies, then we can create a positive pregnancy and birthing experience.

What are your thoughts?

What are some of your coping strategies will pregnant?

Look after yourself, (your baby) and those around you,

Kirsty  xxx

Thank you to a beautiful, generous, caring, spiritual soul for teaching me to trust my intuition!

Ngahuia  - Mana Wellbeing Centre 

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