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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Oh Baby; Slow Down.

Our bodies are actually pretty intelligent things....really, when we think about it, we probably don't give them quite the credit they deserve....like for instance the subtle or not so subtle hints cough gigantic bags under our eyes and sleepless nights spent tossing and turning and huffing and puffing over just wanting to switch our brains off or tomorrow will be the same wave of blurred exhaustion as today cough, that these hints are our bodies very real way of saying SLOW DOWN.

Stop what you're doing.

Put down your phone.

Stop freaking out or bragging about your super full schedule or calender that makes you somehow feel successful despite the feeling of clasping for straws!

Take a deep breath.

Make some time in your life, be it 5 minutes to sit and read a blog post or 30 minutes to go for a walk and immerse yourself in the sunshine or a whole day to sit and do a guilt free big fat nothing....

Slow down...

This is actually quite a tricky post for me to write because embarrassingly enough, I must admit that I,  the mental fitness advocate, put yourself first,  take deep breaths, clear your schedules woman has actually had a pretty tough time practicing what she preaches lately.

Between renovations and 8 long weeks without a kitchen and loungeroom  (and please don't get me wrong here I am so grateful that we chose to renovate so I can work part time and be a full time stay at home mummy if I wish), my career taking off and empowering me to follow my dream of a project I'm really very truly passionate about, extending my learning and studying in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy so that one day I can facilitate the Take Charge of Your Life course as a dedication to William Glassers life, supporting and loving my husband and strengthening our marriage,  managing somewhat of a social life and growing our beautiful little human...life has gotten a little bit too busy for my liking.

So I'm choosing to slow it down.

I've acknowledged that I'm stressed and tired and a bit run down and I'm choosing to breathe in calmness and breathe out stress.

I'm choosing to only work my designated hours.

I'm choosing not to reply to emails the minute one pings to let me know it's ready and waiting.

I'm choosing to spend my morning off doing nothing but moving from the bedroom to the couch and writing a blog post and reading other inspiring bloggers wisdoms.

I'm choosing to breath.

I'm choosing to honor my body and what it's telling me to do.

So what's the point of this blog post? Sympathy?  To rant and get things off of my chest? To self counsel?

No...The reason I'm exposing my inner most thoughts and feelings is to show other people that mental fitness isn't about being in control, loving life and being happy ALL  of the time.

Mental fitness isn't about being super human or dedicating yourself to strict diets and meditation exercises.

Mental fitness isn't about removing sadness, stress and self esteem from your life.

For me, mental fitness is about being resilient in the trying times.

Mental fitness is about listening to your body and what it's trying to tell you and then, taking a big deep breath and going okay, I'm going to listen.

Mental fitness is knowing no emotion is bad and every emotion is necessary because it helps us know whether we're in balance or tipped.

I too have bad days. I too struggle with stress at times. What my Facebook tells you is only one part of the story and that goes for all of us.

So please, I beg you, listen to your bodies because chances are they're telling you what you really need to hear and you have the choice whether you listen to it or not.

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty  xxx

Ps  this is me slowing down my life!  Lol

Pss my most favourist  blog that I'm following atm  is this one; I can't recommend her enough


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