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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Don't Tell The Guests; Hairstyles

I'm not a girly girl. There are two styles when it comes to my hair; up or down, and with nothing very special done to it at all.

Sooo...when it comes to pampering and weddings, I'm all for splurging to have a professional hairdresser come over and turn my blonde locks into some beautifully crafted design!

I mean, who doesn't like pampering? While I hate doing my own hair, I love it when someone else plays with it! I guess I just lack the imagination and patience that comes with styling your hair (that and I leave myself time in the morning to roll out of bed, chuck my hair in a pony tail, get dressed and have my toast in my mouth while carrying my bags and trying to get the key in the car door as I scramble out to work!!!)

There's definitely no time factored in to make myself look glamorous!!!

So...where on earth do you start with wedding hair when you have absolutely no is about hair at all?

I started on pinterest, stealing ideas from the brides who have trialled different styles in the past. I quickly learnt what I didn't want, and I was tempted to try out the I just put my finger in a power socket, frizz ball style for the girls, but in the end I found the perfect do that would suit the hair for everyone involved.

Which brings me to another point; I guess when choosing styles you have to think of not only yourself, but your bridesmaids too. Is it rude to ask your girls not to cut their hair before the wedding? How much say does the bride have? No to colouring, yes to straightening, no to bob cuts, yes to long and luscious locks?

I mean you think you don't care about the girls cutting their hair into a Mohawk or a shorter then normal style, but when the time comes you realise that it'd be a bitter pill to swallow if all of a sudden, someone decided to shave their head, bleach their locks or hack at their fringe themselves.

I guess you don't want a bridesmaid to stand out for the wrong reasons.

Which brings me to the next big question; do you have all of the girls hair the same, do you differ yours as the bride to be set apart, or do you try different dos to suit each of the girls?

Another thing you have to think of as the bride is your veil; are you wearing one?
Are you going all traditional with the piece of material over your face?
Are you going to use a clip?

How are you going to secure the veil?

Luckily for you, if you choose the right hairdresser then they should be able to help you make these decisions, especially if you are an amateur hair stylist like me!!!

Fortunately enough I happen to have two amazing hairdressers, who both work for Hair Razorz in my tiny home town.

Both have instructed me about the does and don'ts for hair ie don't use product or wash our hair on the day of the wedding if you want curls. They have been incredibly helpful with picking styles. All I had to do was tag each of my bridesmaids on Facebook, so that my hairdresser could check out their hair, and send through some images of styles that I liked, and voila, back came some styles that the hairdresser had already created!!!

Inside Hair Razorz!

So how much can you expect to pay for hair?

I guess this varies quite a lot on the number of girls that you have, how long the girls hairs are, how intricate and time consuming the styles will be to perfect, and where you are located; country prices are always much cheaper then in the city.

In total, I scored the girls hair for $75 each for curls pulled to the side (which takes at least an hour per girl!!!)

If you live around the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, then I'd strongly recommend Hair Razorz as an affordable, friendly and super helpful hair stylist!!!

And as an added bonus, they are even coming to us, which is around a 45 minute drive away!!!

Thanks Hair Razorz!

To contact them for your next upcoming event, call 8676 2690.

Like Cummins Hair Razorz on Facebook for your chance to win a free haircut! The winner will be drawn and notified on the 1st of November.

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxxx

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