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Friday, 23 August 2013

Don't Tell the Guests; The Music


The atmosphere at a wedding is largely created by the music, so it was something that we did not want to stinge on.

I made the mistake of using a duke box at my 21st, and never, ever again will I doubt the importance of the music to set the tone, create joy, atmosphere, a raging dance floor, ambience and a memorable occasion.

So when it came to our wedding, we always knew that the music was something that we were willing to spend money on.

Luckily for us, mum and I happened to 'bump into' a band that we instantly fell in love with at the Wine Centre's Bridal Expo in Adelaide almost 18 months ago.

The guys were laid back larikans who instantly grabbed our attention and drew us in with their charisma! After sharing some laughs and discussing the wide musical talents we loaded ourselves with pamphlets and I knew from that point that I wanted them at our wedding.

You see, apart from the photographer who hangs around with you all day, in my mind, the next most important thing is the music, as they are going to fill the night with tunes, laughter and love.

So who is this amazing band that I speak of?

Meet Will!

No other then Jazz It Up lead by Will Metzer. I was lucky enough to watch Will win the Carols by Candlelight competition in Adelaide as the pianist for a singer,and they also have their own Fringe show.

What appealed to us about this band?

Their wide range of repertoire, ranging from jazz, to acoustic to old and new goodies!

We always knew that we wanted chilled music over dinner so that people can chat without bursting an ear drum in the persons ear closest to them, and then we wanted the music to amp up over the night so that we could join our guests on the dance floor!

There's a couple people in particular that we want to get on the dance floor, including one crazy thumb dancer, and an 'old man' who likes busting out a move or too, and what better way then with a band who will play something for everyone!

The other major decider was that we just got along really well with Will and the band members. Since they do have such an important role in your day you want people there who will fit in with the atmosphere of your wedding, and who will have a great time and will enjoy their gig!

We are absolutely stoked and honoured to have the band over for Adelaide and can't wait for the memories to follow the music!

All up the music cost us $2000 and the band also scored a gig at the Cummins Pub and the Pier Hotel in Port Lincoln over the October long weekend.

What decisions did you make when it came to the music?

Did you go classical, jazz, modern, a band, iPhone, DJ or duke box?

Look after yourself and those around you,


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