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Monday, 12 August 2013

Over The Wedding - Ready For the Marriage

This crazy thing happens when planning a wedding; you get over it pretty quickly. Yup, that's the harsh truth, or at least it's what I'm currently experiencing and judging by my giggles with other wives, it's the same for them too.

It's crazy to think before getting engaged many people ohhh and ahhhh over the ring, and while the bling bling is super special, beautiful and exciting, once you've gotten engaged you realise that it's the promise, commitment and next chapter in your life that is so much more fulfilling then the ring.

And then, there's all of this hoo haaaa and picture perfect white wedding talk that follows as soon as the ring is on your finger. Sometimes you find yourself on repeat answering the 'how's the wedding plans going' questions, and you start to think about what you used to talk about before the big day! 

Don't get me wrong, planning a wedding is super fun; I have loved almost every minute of it. There's something about planning a wedding that brings you closer to your partner, and gives you an excuse to catch up and go on dates to cake tastings, caterer meetings, discussions over scones for your ceremony, and much more that only the bride and groom can do together. And yes, it's super special when you find that dress that you are going to marry your future husband in, and super spunky to see your fiancee in his suit. 

As the day drawers nearer you realise just how special it is going to be to have your closest friends and family all together to celebrate your decision to commit yourself to your lover for life.

But omg, I'm soooo over it!

We're at the point where we've got the remaining bills to pay for the wedding and we're just like geez, not more. We're going through the emotions of chasing the last minute quotes, having to re lock in companies due to cancellations and well shelling out more money haha

And then, you find yourself at the point where you are looking forward to the marriage, way more then the day. You start to really agree with what they say about a wedding being just one day of your life, where marriage is a choice for life, and you can't wait to 'start' that life as a married couple. It truly feels like things are just beginning and you've got so much more to look forward too!

I am so excited to call Mick my husband. I am so excited to see what we can achieve in our marriage. I can't wait to change my last name to Traeger. I can't wait for Mick to wear his ring so that he's visibly off of the market haha I can't wait for Mick to eventually father my children and I can't wait for our families to unite as one.

But I'm also excited to start focusing on renovating our house and making our life more comfortable rather then spending all of our money on one day.

I kind of feel like our life has been on hold for the year since fully focusing on the wedding time, energy and money wise, and I can't wait to have those precious three things back to be actually able to work on our marriage and build the life we've always dreamed of.

6 weeks and counting until our special day!

I'm sure once it's passed I'll look back and wish I could do it all over again, and I'm sure that it'll be the best day of our lives to date, and all of the organising, moolah and time will be totally worth it to marry my best friend.

Did you 'get over the wedding'?

What tips do you have in the final preparation month?

Look after yourself and those around you,


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