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Thursday, 30 August 2012

What does Fathers Day mean to you?

My Dad, me and Mum at my best friends wedding in March 2010.

I find myself getting a little bit teary about Fathers Day this year.

I now understand how hard it must be for those who have lost their fathers, never known their fathers or don’t have a great relationship with their dads.

This year I am celebrating that I still have a DAD here to celebrate with. As you may have seen in an earlier blog post, my Dad had a MASSIVE Heart Attack this year. It scared the beejesus out of us! Truly. We are just so grateful to still have him here to walk us down the aisle, watch his grandchildren grow up and to get to know him even better (because to be completely honest, Dad and I haven't had the closest relationship in the past). Looking back now, I think it's because we were SO ALIKE that we clashed a bit. We are both so determined and strong willed, we both love helping other people and above all, we both love when people give us their time and tell us how much they appreciate us.

This Fathers Day I want you to do something special for your Dad. It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, you don’t even have to send him a gift. Just give him some of your time in some way or another. Give him a phone call just to let him know that you love and appreciate him.

Send him a card with some nice words or funny memories that you share.

Take him to do something that he loves or something that you enjoy doing together. It might be fishing, or going for a hike, or watching the footy together or sharing a beverage and chatting about your childhood years.

If your Dad isn’t still with you, take the time to celebrate his life and the memories that you shared together. Do something that you know that he’d like. Release a balloon in his memory, or bake a cake, or go for a walk, or write a poem about your Dad.

Fathers Day is a day to take a GIANT step back and think about the opportunities, memories, love and support that your Dad has given you over the years.

I’m yet to be a parent myself, but I know that it must be one of the most challenging roles that you ever face and I know that it must be so rewarding to receive love, thanks and appreciation in return for all of the things that you have contributed to raising your children.

Happy Fathers Day for Sunday to all of those Dads out there, and to my Dad, I love you and I am so grateful that you worked so hard to give Teegs and I the opportunities that we have had.

We wouldn’t be the people who we are without you (quite literally hahaha).

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxxx

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