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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Want to travel...tips for tightening your belt.

Today I welcome back my best friend Samara for Tight Ass Tuesday to share her tips for saving some moolah!

Samara, like me, is a pro saver. She has travelled the world while studying and continues to travel the world despite paying a mortgage, socialising and everything else in between.

How does she do it I hear you say?

Take it away Samara...

(To check out other money saving tips, including photographic docket proof of Samara and Joel's super savers, check out Samara's blog over the The Secret Life of Samara)

Our fridge is bare!! Ha ha.

Seriously though, this is at the end of the fortnight before our shop. Contrary to popular belief, Joel and I are actually still eating.

 I thought I would share a few hints and tips that I have to get your food bill down…

1. Shopping fortnightly really helps to stop all those smaller bills adding up.

2. We have moved to more ‘basic’ meals (i.e spaghetti, stir fry).

3. We get fresh produce from the market and then use that as ‘snack food’.

4. We are saying no to eating out.

5. We buy our meat in bulk.

6. We are snacking less- once upon a time we would get home from work and devour a bag of chips. Now we’re learning a bit of self control and either just waiting until dinner time or eating a piece of fruit.

7. Ensuring there is no wastage of food- every thing gets eaten instead of food going off.

8. Being flexible with your meals and using what is in the fridge instead of going out and buying more food when there is sufficient food already.

9. Making home made food if you need to bring something for a supper etc. Here’s an awesome biscuit recipe.

10. Eat less (within reason). People get all antsy when it is suggested that we eat less, however it is a fact that Westerners eat too much food. Cut back and your body may actually function better for it. You don’t need dessert every night. You don’t need to eat until you feel like vomiting. You don’t need a mid night snack.

This style of shopping is not necessarily a long term thing- I would go crazy. But if you need to save some money quick, it’s an amazingly fast way to get a few extra coins in your purse. Some of these methods would however be good to consider long term- I know Joel and I certainly will be using many of these methods even once we have stopped saving like crazy. Until that time comes though I just spend my days dreaming about our holiday and it makes it all that little bit more bearable!



Thanks Samara. I know that I can learn something from your tips!

Do you have any tips to share for ways to save some moolah? I'm allllll ears haha.

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxxx

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