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Monday, 6 August 2012

Remembering Kate: happy 28th

I wonder how many boyfriends Kate had after this?

Your birthday is a day to celebrate just that. The day that you decided that you'd had your fun moving and grooving inside of your mum and you wanted to come into this big exciting world. Your day of birth.

So when someone passes away, should we still celebrate their birthday?

I think yes.



Because they were born into this world. They lived, they breathed, they laughed, they conquered, they fought, they survived and they have left memories, fun memories, with the people in their lives.

I love this photo! Kate looks so happy (I also LOVE her taste because I had that blue shirt!)

It is a day to stop and remember them and to giggle about all of the fun memories that you shared together. It's a day to remember their annoying habits, their laugh, the mischief that you got up to, their hobbies and just THEM!

Today is a very special day because Kate would've turned 28 today, had she still been with us.

Whose Kate I hear you say?

Kate is a very special lady who will always be 18. She was born to the most LOVING parents that anyone could EVER wish for.

I never met Kate, but I feel as though I know her. I have gotten to know her through the memories that are in the hearts of her loved ones, mainly Kylie, one of my best friends (Kylie wrote this blog about learning how to cope when you lose someone who you love)

I know that Kate was an older sister. Being the oldest sibling myself, I know the pain she would've gone through having a younger sister who would bug the crap out of you and always get you into trouble!
Kate's 18th birthday! Woo hoo what a HUGE milestone!

I know that Kate LOVED cats. She had pictures of them all over her walls.

I know that Kate hated people fussing over her, including her hair and make up. 

I know that she would've whinged and tried to play down her year 12 graduation when her younger sister was desperately pleading with her to do her hair and make up for her.

I know that she gave in because secretly she would've wanted to feel like a princess for a night...and she did! She looked g-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s.
Kate looking GORGEOUS at her Year 12 graduation!

Today, on the day that her family release helium balloons into the sky, I celebrate Kate's day of birth.

Kate has taught me SO much. I now know more about her illness, I now know that life is so incredibly precious and I now know why her family are such gems...because Kate was apart of it and who they are.

So today, while I celebrate Kate's day of birth, I want you to think about the people who were in your life who are no longer here and smile.

Smile because they would want you to, so that others would wonder what mischief you were up to!

Happy birthday Kate.

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxxx


Kylie Fiegert said...

Thankyou Kirsty. You have no idea how special this is for me and my Mum and Dad. You are right...it should and is a celebration! Today we will let off balloons into the sky and cook a birthday cake with Maya for Auntie Kate :)
Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kirsty Arnold said...

Nawww - I just got warm fuzzies :)

Have fun! Wished I could be there to eat the honey crackles xoxox

Niken said...

this post is beautiful.
thank you Kirsty. and yes, it is worth to celebrate.

Brenda Lazzaro Yoder, said...

What an honoring tribute!

Kirsty Arnold said...

Thanks Niken and thank you so much for being my newest follower! I really appreciate your kind words :)

Kirsty Arnold said...

Thank you Brenda! Kate definitely deserved it!