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Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Art of Doing Nothing

Is this girl insane?

What does she mean by the 'art of doing nothing?'

Surely it's not a carefully crafted, time devouring, thought provoking, conscious effort, happiness attracting task to do nothing?

Isn't that laziness?

Isn't doing nothing boring or a waste of precious time?

Wouldn't you rather be hanging out with friends, playing sport or creating something over doing nothing?

Maybe 'the art of doing nothing' needs to be explained further in order to fully appreciate this activity.

The art of doing nothing means; to be able to sit and do something unproductive, with the use of no energy, and to feel completely content with this state of being.


Please give us some examples.

Okay, getting home from work, ripping off your bras, putting on your trackies, cooking tea, and then sitting on the coach, putting up your feet, gluing your eyes to a passive TV program, AND, very importantly, NOT feeling guilty or like you should be doing something more productive with your time or thinking about your to do list that is as long as your arm.

The art of doing nothing involves not thinking about anything else but what's on the TV and simply switching off but feeling completely content in doing so.

Sound stupid? Sound easy to do? Sounds like your daily routine?

Well some people find it hard to do nothing. Zit. Zelch. Just sit and relax.

I used to be one of these such people.

"I didn't have time to sit around and do nothing".

I would get peeved at my partner who would get to the weekend and would just want to do 'nothing.'

I thought that it was a waste of my precious time to sit and watch TV. Instead I would busy myself with doing the house chores, ringing friends, organising the weekends social events,  writing to do lists, and well, thinking of better things to do with my time to stop myself from doing nothing.

The fact was, that I quickly found out that our body needs time to do nothing.

We aren't machines; we can't be functioning at 100%, every waking moment.

I had to learn to master the art of doing nothing.

I had to convince myself that it was okay to sit and watch TV, snuggling on the coach with my partner, and to stop my mind from drifting off and away from the plot of the TV show that we were watching.

Luckily, my partner is a pro at the art of doing nothing (which is probably why he seems so relaxed, at ease and happy most of the time!)

I had to change my attitude about the art of doing nothing.

As soon as I did, I started to envy my partner who could 'do nothing' and not feel guilty. I learnt to appreciate his ability to switch off from the day he'd had at work, and into relax mode.

Now I crave empty spaces in my Calender so that I can do 'nothing'.

I have created a rule for myself that I must spend at least 3 week work nights at home, pottering around the house, and giving myself TV time.

I long for the Sundays when I literally drag myself out of bed and onto the couch for a movie marathon (when before I couldn't think of anything worse to do on a Sunday as I wanted to be off socialising and going on adventures!!!)

Maybe I'm just getting older, but one thing is for sure, I truly appreciate that I have learnt about the art of doing nothing; it truly is good for the sole!!!

Are you any good at the 'art of doing nothing?'

Trust me, it takes practise and a conscious effort to 'do nothing' for those people who cram something in every precious minute; but once you stop and smell the roses, you'll feel a new sense of life and a revived sense of energy for when you do have something on!!!

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxxx

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i'm a little too good at this ;)