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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Don't Tell the Guests - Bridesmaid Dresses

I have always joked that I would force my bridesmaids to wear 70s styled, puffy sleeved, shoulder padded, multi layered, pure delightfulness dresses on my special day.

Trust me, it was super tempting to surprise the girls by going bridesmaid dress shopping to an op shop, but I thought it wouldn't go down too well (giggle!)

So instead, we bought our bridesmaid dresses online.

Never ever had I ever bought any form of clothing online, but it only took 2 hours of looking in shops for the perfect dresses for me to direct the girls to the pub instead, and to decide to continue my search on the internet.

Let me clarify; my girls weren't bitchy, or difficult, it was just that well, I have 8 bridesmaids, who vary in size and shape, and I really didn't know what I wanted.

I had an idea in my head, and when we were shopping I was still leaning towards each of the girls having different dresses that suited their shape, and well, I guess the mixture of so many girls and no real idea of what I wanted ended with one frazzled bride opting for a beverage over an in store dress purchase!!!

To be honest, I always had this image in my mind that bridesmaid dress shopping would be fun, easy and stress free but to all future brides out there, it can actually be the exact opposite.

I found it difficult because I'm so chilled about the wedding, so when my girls starting firing all of the normal questions at me like what length were you thinking? What colour? Were you thinking of silk, lace, patterned, spotted, plain, the same for all, different for each, with what kind of hair style, flat or high heels, one shouldered, strapless, halter neck, earrings, studs, or a necklace, and everything in between, my head started spinning and I just didn't know what to say other then, ummm I haven't given it that much thought!!!

I guess at first I wanted each of the dresses to be different for each of the girls, to symbolise how their friendship and own personal styles and quirky behaviours form the different friendships that we have, but it just became a bit tricky because it meant that the dresses were open to interpretation, opinions and price, rather then me just making a decision and the bridesmaids going with it.

So after our failed attempt at shopping, I decided to take matters into my own hands and to post a Facebook status asking for websites with gorgeous yet affordable bridesmaid dresses.

To my surprise, there were so many out there, catering for all different sizes, styles and budgets.

One friend suggested a website called Modcloth

As soon as the web page had loaded I knew that I had struck gold! Every dress that appeared in front of my eyes suited the classic yet laid back style that I was looking for!!!

After searching through the pages in anticipation, I found THE dress!!!

The biggest bonus? It was only $100 including postage.

I quickly forwarded a link to the girls and asked them to measure themselves, taking into consideration the American sizing.

Within a couple of clicks of some buttons, my dresses were on the way!!!

It only took 10 days for the dresses to arrive.

I was so nervous because I really wanted them to live up to the photos online...and luckily enough for me; they did!!!

It was like Christmas when they arrived, and it was even more exciting when each of the girls tried them on and they suited everyone!!!

To be honest, I think I breathed a huge sigh of relief!!!

Bridesmaid dresses were done and dusted!!!

I know online shopping isn't for everyone, but it meant that I got to search for the dress that would fit the theme of our wedding, in my own time, without worrying about opinions of others, and managed to score a super affordable dress for my girls!

Having been a bridesmaid in weddings before, I know just how expensive bridesmaid dresses can be (although I've been pretty lucky and never had to pay over $350!), but I also know that they set the tone, style and colour theme for the big day, and therefore most brides have a fairly good idea of what they are looking for...which can sometimes make it harder to find the perfect dress that suits everyone!

I also know that it can be extremely difficult to find dresses that suit everyone, particularly when you have girls of all shapes and sizes. No one wants their bridesmaids to feel uncomfortable on the day, which is why I guess, more and more girls are opting to have different styles but in a similar colour or a mixture of a couple of girls in one dress, and others in another, just so that they can find something that suits everyone , and avoid one girl popping out of the dress, or feeling frumpy.

I think the most exciting thing about bridesmaid dresses is that every bride is going to like different colours and styles, and that's what makes weddings unique!

I haven't kept it a surprise about the colour (royal blue), although I know many girls chose to just to add to the anticipation.  But me, I'm an open book, and with bridesmaid dresses being bought online and in regular stores now, it gives the guests a heads up about what they should avoid, just in case they happen to rock up in the bridesmaid dress on the day (how awkward would that be?!)

I can't wait for my girls to strut their stuff in their gorgeous dresses on the day!

Now all we have to do is find shoes and jewelery to match!!! Yay!!!

Where did you find your bridesmaid dress?

Did you find it stress full/stress free?

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xx

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