Unspoken Conversations are the topics that are often swept under the carpet, whispered amongst the closest of friends and bitched about by many. I want to create awareness about difficult things that people face in life; grief, mental health, money, illnesses, family troubles, relationship difficulties and putting yourself first. I want to tell the truth about things that really matter.

Monday, 6 May 2013

The Truth About Writing (For me)

I find writing draining.

There, I've said it.

Fun, adventurous, exciting, adrenaline pumping, thought provoking, at times challenging, but very much so draining.

But I guess, draining in a good way, and probably because of all of those things that I have just mentioned.

Sometimes I will sit and smash out 3 blog posts in a row.

Other times I will have an idea for a blog post, quickly write it down, and then never return back to it because 'all of a sudden' I feel like I have to write it, and let's face it, when we feel like we have to do something it takes all of the fun out of it.

But, the overwhelming sense of joy that I feel from writing far outweighs the draining, exhausted feeling that I get after pouring out my heart and soul into a post, even when writing comes 'naturally to me'.

So why then, do I choose to write?

Because I love it. Because I'm doing something for me. Because I'm opening minds of others. Because it's challenging. Because it makes me stop and think. Because I laugh while writing my funny posts. Because I cry, and 'let go' while writing my difficult posts (obviously notably my depression discussions).

Because I always knew, deep down, that I'd teach, and I've finally found a way that I can combine all of my passions; writing, making people laugh, sharing stories, learning from others, and educating people about the importance of the unspoken conversations that really need to be said.

People have asked me where do I find time to write?

The answer is that I make time.

Yes, I work full time. Yes, I have a house to keep clean and tidy. Yes, I coach and play netball. Yes I have a social life, but yes, I still manage to make time for myself.

I must admit that it is getting harder, especially now that I have moved home.

I no longer have a half an hour bus ride to and from work to be able to smash out a post on my iPad, instead I drive to work, and I no longer get a one hour lunch break to be able to sit by the Torrens and write in the peace and quiet.

But, because I love writing, and because it brings such an immense sense of achievement, pride and joy to me, I still create the time to sit and write.

So what's the point of this post?

Well it's to;

Show people that it's fun to grab life by the balls and to step outside of your comfort zone to start a hobby that you've always wanted to do.

Encourage people to make the time in their busy lives to do the things that make them happy, satisfied, fulfilled and challenged.

Demonstrate how you can make time in your schedule to achieve your goals, and that you can still volunteer, work and maintain relationships at the same time as doing something for yourself. Sometimes all it takes is recognising what it is that you love to do, and perhaps taking something off of your plate that you don't like doing, and is a bit of a chore, to be able to schedule in that time for yourself.

By the way, I'm not saying that you need huge chunks of time to accomplish things, in fact, I probably only spend half an hour on each blog post that I write. So yes, if that means giving up half an hour of passive, brain numbing TV time to do something that I feel energising, then so be it.

You must make time.

Acknowledge that it's okay, and not selfish to do something for you.

Accept that hobbies don't always 'come easy' and can sometimes be quite energy draining, but, if it's something you truly love doing, then seeing the finished product is always worth your time.

And finally, to explain to people that it truly is never easy to speak honestly and openly about topics that are quite difficult, especially if they are reflective of your own personal suffering. Anyone who has ever written a guest post for me would probably back this point, because writing stirs up memories and emotions, but it also helps you to accept, deal with and move on from the past.

My blog has taught me so much more then I could've ever imagined. It has helped me so much more then I could've seen possible. It has bought me more joy then anything else that I have chosen to do for myself, and, it has taught me the importance of following your guts and taking the time to do something for yourself.

So, what hobby have you always wanted to start, but never had the time or energy or any other excuse that you could think of to delay your progress?

Go for it; I promise it'll bring you so much joy.

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxxx

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