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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Don't Tell the Guests; the Bucks Show

My partner is having his bucks show 2 and a half months early....yes, that is probably an indication of how crazy his night is going to be. The boys keep joking that it's long enough for his eyebrows to grow back....eeeeeekkkk!!!

I just hope the poor bloke survives!

Bucks shows; every brides worst nightmare.


It's the night that their partner gets picked on, tied up, tarred, shaved, waxed, painted, stripped, dunked, coated, hammered, hurt, shot at, aimed at, laughed at, and well, just genuinely given crap!!!

It's the night that there is no limits...except of course, the face and hands; anything back the face and hands...

The problem with my partners mates is that they genuinely struggle with the whole line thing; I think they must be tight rope walkers.

They don't really understand wrong from right, and funny from stupid...and well, that's why I'm going to be breathing a sigh of relief once this weekend is over, and my partner is back safely in my care!

So what's in a bucks show? One last night of 'being single?' What, so the last 10 years together didn't count as 'being taken?' Haha really, they are just an excuse to get messy, and to get the groom back for all of the times that they have given you crap.

Except have no fear; my groom is no ordinary groom, in fact, I found myself explaining to him that his bucks night is when he is suppose to cop crap on the chin.

Well, he's got a whole other idea!!! Yup, he's going to the bucks show prepared he tells me. I'm picturing The Pacifier yet with cans of spray paint, lasers and other weapons attached to a belt around his waist.

I kind of explained to him that the bigger the fight that he puts up, the larger the punishments, but he doesn't want to go down without a fight...can you see why I am nervous?

So what are the limits for a bucks show?


No female entertainment?

Private lap dances? Strip club? 

Waxing eyebrows?


Dying hair?

Tar? Wax? Other sticky substances that stick like poop?

Super glue?


Dress ups? Wigs? Female clothing?

Blow up dolls? G strings? 

I guess every group of friends have different ideas of 'acceptable limits'.

Who should be held responsible for the bucks show? 

Who organises it?

As a general rule, usually the best man gets the job of planning a memorable weekend, but at the end of the day, all of the groomsmen usually work together.

Who gets invited? Usually the father of the groom and bride, family and friends.

When is the big event? A long time ago, very brave women let their men have their bucks show the night before the wedding...thank god somewhere over the generations one too many groomsmen spewed/passed out on their wedding day and now the bucks show is usually a month or two before the wedding...well, just usually enough time for the groom to recover!

Where do bucks shows occur? Here, there and everywhere, but preferably not in strip clubs!!!

Why do girls get so nervous?

All of the above!!!

So wish me luck as I keep myself super busy this weekend to stop myself from thinking too much about my poor groom being hammered by his 'friends and family'!!!

Hahaha I truly can't wait for this right of passage to be over, and I hope that I still have a groom to marry!

What do you think is acceptable at a bucks show?

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxx

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