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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Don't Tell the Guests; the Suits

Omg my fiance looks so sexy in a suit lol so much so that I wrote a Facebook status updated about running down the aisle to jump my man and I was promptly told that sex on the alter at your wedding is frowned down upon (haha).

So here we have it; the suits for the wedding.

Where to start?

There's so much more to choosing the right suit then walking into a shop and saying that one.

Firstly, you've got to think of what colours are going to go with the wedding and bridesmaid dresses, as well as the overall tone for your wedding day.

Are you going black tie, sophiscated, fancy smancy, with bow ties or are you thinking more casual and laid back, with greys or browns?

Are you thinking penguin tales, with a top hat and walking cane ala Charlie Chaplan style or are you thinking cream pants rolled up to the knees and an open white shirt?

Do you want the suite to be tight fitting or loose?

Are you wanting pin stripped or plain or zig zagged or rainbow?

Were you thinking of a vest underneath?

Are you going the whole hog with cuff links, belts, shiny shoes, and a tie?

Is the groom going to wear a different coloured tie, or shirt or vest to set him apart from the groomsmen?

What colours are going to compliement the dresses and not clash with them?

Not so simple huh?

Luckily for Michael and I we went to a super helpful store in our regional town and were greeted with super helpful staff that helped us to whip up the boys super sexy outfits!!!

We soon realised that there wasn't much difference in buying the suits over hiring them, particularly with the discount of buying in bulk ($250 to hire the jacket, pants, shirt, tie, shoes and belt versus $249 for the pants and jacket, $60 for the shirt, $80 for the shoes and $20 for the belt, and everyone gets to keep them plus not having to rush them back the next day!)

The staff gave us a couple of options and Mick proceeded to the change rooms, strutting his stuff in vests (which totally did not suit mick), pin stripped pants, plain suits, stripped white shirts, plain shirts, different coloured shoes, bow tie, no bow tie, jacket, no jacket, shirt tucked in, shirt hanging loose, sleeves rolled up, sleeves buttoned up hahaha who ever knew that an outfit was so veristile?

In the end we decided on no tie, opened necked shirt, dark grey jacket and pants, dark grey shoes and a hunky spunky wedding party!!!

Of course, we also had to check to make sure that the suits came in sizes for our little people (Mick's 9 year old brother and our 3 year old Paige boy) and lucky enough, they did; score!!!

It was super exciting to see my sister in her bridesmaid dress next to Mick; for the first time it really started to feel real that out wedding is in 3months time!!! Yay.

What decisions did you have to make when it came to the suit?

Did you buy or hire?

Look after yourself and those around you.

PS I will try and contain myself down the aisle....I did say try lol

Kirsty xxx

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