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Saturday, 20 July 2013

My Relationship with my Sister

No matter how old we get, my sister will always be known as 'my little sister to me'.

I feel so honoured and grateful to be writing this blog post today as it's proof that relationships really do change with time, maturity and while not living under the same roof and practically killing each other!

Yes, my sister and I have experienced every emotion that comes with the roller coaster of being siblings.

As kids we got on like a house on fire; in fact, I have precious memories of us going mushrooming, and later walking the streets of our tiny town, selling them to our friendly neighbours for a few dollars so that we could hop on our push bikes and ride on down to the local supermarket and fill our pockets full of lollies. We'd go tad pooling together and carefully balance the yellow ice cream bucket that was slushing with muddy water and cute little tadpoles on the handles of our bike and present them to mum and dad like some kind of trophy. We'd bake goodies with mum, play with our Ginnea Pigs (until Tegan showed one a little too much affection and it's head popped off), got up to mischief, played mums and dads in the cubby house, picked stumps in winter for the fire, and well, just enjoyed each others company.

As the years went on, and hormones kicked in, I could quite honestly say that we grew to despise each other, in fact, I can recall many screaming matches down the passage where we'd yell I hate you, followed by the slamming of two doors, and steam coming out of mums ears.

We clashed; big time!!!

She thought I was the golden child and I thought she was the spoilt little youngest child brat.

Even when we both moved to Adelaide we still didn't see eye to eye.

Despite our outward hatred for each other, deep down I was always the protective older sister, and if anyone talked or acted the way I did towards her, then they would've had me to face!!! Ironic...huh?!

I think the turning point in our relationship was when I got sick with my depression; it was then that we really learnt how precious life was and each other were.

Without a doubt my sister was one of the toughest pillars who got me through my battle. It was her that could get away with the brutal honesty that I needed to hear. It was her that would drive down from four hours away to see me on weekends and take me to do things.

Our relationship grew stronger, and I was honoured to be asked to stand beside her on her wedding day.

It was at this time that I found out that her and her husband were going to make me an aunty.

Words can truly not express how excited and happy I was for my sister when she announced her pregnancy ( we knew when she was 7 weeks pregnant), for she had been told that she'd have a 7% chance of falling pregnant naturally due to her endometriosis.

Tears of joy streamed down my face; my little sister was going to have an opportunity to be pregnant, and I knew that she was going to make the most amazing mum.

Let me tell you that she has certainly proved me right.

Seeing her with my gorgeous niece is inspiring; she loves that little girl like no other.

The feeling of being an aunty is a love that I can not describe; I could eat my gorgeous niece alive she's that darn cute! 

I'm very proud to say that I will have my sister standing beside me on my wedding day.

I love that I can now pick up the phone and talk to her about anything. I love that I can rock up to her house every Wednesday night buggered from work and can flop on her couch, eat her food, cuddle her daughter, and just relax. I love our d n M's, playing board games, lunch dates, giggles and well, I just love her.

So here's to changing relationships and the love that we have for our siblings. Too often we forget to take the time to let them know how much they truly mean to us, and how they inspire us, and fill us with pride.

To my little sister, you fill me with pride love and inspiration.

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxxx

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