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Saturday, 22 February 2014

In But A Moment, Life Can Change

When Kirsty first asked me to take on the blog while she was away, I told her that lately I'd lacked a lot of that 'creative' time and I would probably have to go digging through the archives to even get anything on the Blog....but I didn't realise I would be doing it so soon.

Yet I feel this is the perfect time for me to dig up something I wrote a few years ago. In this last week there has been some high profile devastation, a freak accident that took the life of a child, and closer to my heart the lives of many beautiful people have also changed. At the end of last year there was so much shock and devastation in just our small part of the world that none of us could ever see coming. Everything has served as a reminder - don't take life for granted, don't spend time doing what doesn't make you happy, remove the toxic, find more room for the good.

So now I will share with you this piece, written back then purely to be saved to my computer, to let out emotions shortly after hearing some tragic news. I've titled it;

In But A Moment.

I don’t believe our path is a preconceived one. It is not perfectly laid out before us, for us to just follow and never veer from. Many a time there are decisions we make, and those that are forced upon us, that see us lay the next stone that marks the beginning of the next journey on our ‘path’.  This foundation we lay is not smooth; there are dips and sharp edges at every turn. There are also sections of incredible heights where the journey to the top seems torturous, but once we reach the top we realise the climb was the best part.

While most of the time the decision is our own, we don’t always get to decide if we go left or right, up or down, take the path alone, or bring someone along for the ride. We are reminded of this when good fortune reaches us, or on the other end of the scale, tragedy takes its black grip. I have been reminded of this many a time in my short lifetime, and once again recently, which inspired this poem. I hope it inspires you to not take any moment for granted – and make the decisions where possible to lay your path in the direction you most desire.

In But a Moment

A test failed, or an award won.
A house bought, or a job lost.
A question on bended knee, a or heart broken.
In but a moment, life can change.

A diagnosis of sick, or a prognosis of remission.
A fire, a flood or a community rebuilding,
A deciding vote, or resignation from the race.
In but a moment, life can change.

A forgiveness earned or finally given,
A first sweaty run, or the snap of a bone.
A midnight phone call, of birth or death.
In but a moment, life can change.

Not always for the worst, not always for the best.
To allow us to get comfortable, to put us to the test.
A moment in time that ensures we never stay the same.
To remind us of our desire, to reignite our flame.
To teach us to be grateful, of the good, bad and strange.
In but a moment, life can change.

Beej xx

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