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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Your Strength Amazes Me

Have you ever had a moment in your life, it may be in passing, or when talking to someone, reading a moving article, or seeing a story on TV when you think to yourself, wow, your strength amazes me?

I'm not talking the kind of strength you get from drinking vial protein shakes, chomping on a cow, and benching 300kgs at the gym while secretly taking drugs that make your balls shrink strength, I'm talking the strength that shines from within.

Those people who no longer view the world through naiive eyes, for they have experienced events that somehow adds an extra layer of caution to their vision.

Those people who seem to be able to stand still in the middle of a tornado, with the strangely calm sense of composure that an eye of the storm withholds.

These people no longer turn their eyes within; they always have a forward looking vision that stops them seeing the imperfections in others and things around them.

Instead, they appreciate things for what they are, and people for how they treat them, and nothing else.

They call a spade for a spade, and aren't afraid to voice their opinion if others happen to be tip toeing on the fine line between pessismeticness and plain ignorance.

They seem indestructible, like some how their foundations have been rebuilt with reinforcing metal rods that keep them centred and balanced.

They know the meaning of being able to breath, and truly feel each cavity within their lungs filling with air.

These are the people who I admire.

Sometimes it's easy to look through their strong exterior and become jealous of their composure, but you'd be a fool to think they're superior, or unhurtable, because they have a heart as big as Pharlaps.

I have many of these soldiers in my life, who have faced the toughest of battles and continue to march on into the rhythm of life.

Some have suffered Depression, others Cancer, some have lost family and friends close to them, others children, and some are supporting people who are experiencing their own rocky roads.

I admire and respect their courage and strength.

I often find myself thinking wow, your strength amazes me!

Do you know any of these people?

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty x

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