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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Couch to 5k's

I hate running.

I love sport.

Sounds like an oxymoron?

Well not to me.

The reasons?

I love my sleep, and my nice warm bed, so the chances of me setting my alarm an hour early to roll out of bed and into my sneakers just isn't going to happen.

The other problem is that by the time I get home from work and stuff myself silly all I want to do is slink down into my self imprinted place on the couch, beside my glass of chilled wine, and flaming candle. So booting my booty off the couch at night time to feel my bum wobble uncontrollably as I pace the bitumen isn't one of my favourite past times either.

The solution to trying to stay healthy (or at least burn off the chocolate that I have eaten?) 

Team sport.

I love netball, in fact, nothing excites me more then the smell of deep heat, the sound of whistles blowing, and the knowledge that I'll be back in Lycra before I know it (jokes).

Butttttttt I have come to the conclusion that I just can't enjoy netball unless I am fit ( otherwise I spend the whole time on the court secretly praying that my team doesn't stuff up and manages to score a goal down the opposite end so that I get the chance to catch my breath for the next centre pass!!!) 

Sooo.... I've had to come up with a solution to conquer my extreme wesziness, legs-moving-slower-then-my-brain, heart pumping out of chest unfitness on the netball court, while attempting to make running "fun and motivational" (through very sarcastic gritted teeth).

That's when I heard about the app, from Couch to 5kms.

It's a 9 week challenge where you exercise 3 times a week (sounds doable) with the help of a hypothetical trainer.

One mistake that I usually make when trying to get fit is going from zero to hero ie couch to Mount Everest and then wandering why I'm so physically scarred from not being able to squat to wee, and chuck the towel in.

The bonus with this app is that it slowly increases the amount you exert yourself by breaking up walking and jogging.

Ie the first training session is a 5 minute walk for warm up followed by altering walks of 90 seconds and jogs of 60 seconds for 20 minutes, and then a 5 minute cool down.

The beauty?

You can still listen to music while receiving advice from your trainer and once you've finished you can write comments and tips to yourself ie I should stretch before starting to avoid shin splints to motivate you for next time and track your progress!

So...the couch to 5km challenge is accepted!

Bring it onnnnnnn!

Track my progress every week for the next 9 weeks (hopefully writing this blog post will keep me even more accountable).

In the meantime you might want to download the app and join me.

Starting weight: 75kgs

Goal weight: 66kgs

Current fitness: can jog a dismal 700 metres without getting a which or shin splints...

Optimal fitness: surviving and even...gasp..enjoying 4 quarters of netball (60 minutes).

Have you done the challenge or something similar? Any tips?

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxxx


Jessica Frost said...

Ahh this is freaking because we are in the exact same position (though I hate sport as well as running). Yet i've had a mental breakthrough lately, have started the C25k app (called Ease into 5k now I think) and have been able to do it 2 times this week already and feel amazing for it!

I'm at 73.5 and want to get to at least 68 before 1st June, hoping more like 65 :)

My tip is to focus on making the distance and time you are set (the whole app duration) rather than running at full speed... as long as you keep going that's what matters,it's ok if you run isn't much faster than your walk - you will get faster as your stamina builds. That's definitely what's made it do-able for me and I feel ALL the better for it :)

P.s. i'm posting on it soon too x

Kristen said...

I'm starting this in a few weeks, too. Good luck to the both of us!

Anonymous said...

I'm only just starting on the Couch to 5K program, and I'm hoping the slow increase will be what keeps me going!

I haven't tried the app but I'm using some podcasts with a "personal trainer" that talks you through the running and walking :)

Take care!