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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Don't Tell the Guests; The Morning Of

Twas the morning before my wedding and all through the house, everyone was as quiet as a mouse, until my alarm went off at 6:45, and once a mummer came from my bedroom, everyone was alive. It didn't take long, for my bed to be full, with 10 excited girls, all looking beautiful!!!

My empty bed!!!

Yup, that's my first memory of the morning of our wedding! My alarm sounded, and we started to giggle and all of a sudden it was a pile on in my bed! It was so cute having everyone in their PJs, sprawled across my bed, chirping about how the day had finally arrived and today I was going to be the bride!!!

Just sitting around, giggling with our coffees and breakfast!
But we couldn't stay in bed for long because the beauticians, make up artists and hairdressers were arriving at 7.

Next minute the door bell was ringing, and in walked our hoard of beautifiers.

I was a little nervous because as I peaked out the window it was rather windy and there appeared to be grey clouds cluttering the sky but I was soon distracted by the sound of the champagne cork popping, and platters of croissants, fruit, and other goodies arriving soon after!!!

Attaching Nan's brooch to my bouquet.

The hairdressers and make up artists hopped to it, with 10 girls to go through in total.

The make up artists set up on the little porch outside in the natural sunlight, while those who weren't being pampered stuffed their faces with the goodies!!!

The photographer came to take some photos while we were getting ready, but we hardly noticed him as he buzzed around us catching natural snaps.

Something blue!
Before long he was announcing that he was off to the boys house to take some pre wedding snaps of them (which Mick came prepared for with a footy and esky to entice the boys to play nice for the photos!!!)

Our beautiful hairdressers
Our beauticians whipped through us fairly quickly, and by that time, we were all eager to put our outfits on as it was the first time that we had seem them all come together with the shoes, dress, hair and make up!!!

Luckily we didn't have much sitting around and waiting time!!!

The first time I cried all day was when my beautiful mum walked in! This is me attaching her corsage.
I remember at one point, I just sat there and took it all in.I took a deep breath, looked around me and thought wow, this is my wedding day; I'm getting married and right now, I've got my closest friends around me getting ready with me. It was pretty special.

Soon the door bell was ringing again. We all jumped into action because the photographer was back to take photos of the girls helping me into my dress.

I remember peeling my dress back from the carrying bag, and thinking wow, today's the day that I finally get to wear it outside of the house!!!

Bit excited!!!

One of my favourite moments all morning was when it was just me, my best friend Samara and the photographer in the room. Three years prior to that, I had been the maid of honour in Samara's wedding. I remember the morning of her wedding, she called me in to make her smile naturally while James took photos, so it only seemed natural to have Samara in the room with me to make me smile.

James is truly amazing and made me feel completely comfortable.

After that we all headed to the garden to take photos of us underneath a big fig tree. Throughout the morning some of the girls were getting watery eyes, and kept blaming it on their hay fever, so we took a funny photo of us all overemphasising whatever hayfever type symptoms that came to mind!!!

Another special moment was having a special shot with each of my girls, first looking beautiful, and then doing something silly, like busting out the sprinkler dance move or blowing a kiss!!!

All of my girls are a barrel of laughs, so when the photographer asked us to be sassy and sexy we were all mortified; how on earth do you do that?

I can't wait to see the  shots!!!

Before we knew it, it was 1:20 and time to go!! We hurried around to collect the emergency first aid kit, with band aids, panadol, back up lip gloss, tissues, the flowers, shoes, cameras, veil, quickly touched ourselves up and ding dong, the door bell was going again and the drivers had rocked up (who all happened to be good friends of ours).

Me just before leaving the house all ready to see my hunk a spunk.
While us girls were getting ready the boys had tied ribbons onto the bridal cars. One by one we filed into the cars, gave big hugs, and headed off to the ceremony.

We weren't allowed to be late because our celebrant had another wedding after, but instead of being late I was 15 minutes early!!!

We got to the bottom of the driveway to the winery and I could see Mick off in the distance chatting with everyone.

I think his nerves would've kicked in when he saw the bridal cars.

I have to giggle here, because as we waited, about 25 cars quickly zoomed in, thought shit, there's the bridal cars, and almost Duke of Hazard style, zoomed up the dirt road to grab a park and run through the rows of grapes to score their spot!!!

The girls later joked that they were writing down the names of those who were late to "knee cap later!!!

And that is where I am going to leave this blog post...

What happened next, in the ceremony, will be told in another.

Was I nervous the morning of the wedding? Not at all, I was super excited and couldn't wait to see Mick!

Did anything go wrong? Not that I am aware of...but family and the bridal party are pretty good at covering these things up... ohh except getting a call from the boys that they had lost the music for the ceremony and they had to make a last minute dash to our house...(%the one job that  I gaven Mick lol) Oh and I had to send photos of the corsages and button holes to Mick the morning of the wedding so he knew which one was his, which one was for the groomsmen, dads and mums!!!

It was so relaxed in the morning, and I'm grateful for the time that I had with my girls.

A huge thanks to Neat Nails for their help with the make up, to Hair Razorz for their help with the hair and to Alyssa Gale for also creating amazing hair does that stayed in all day.

We all looked g l a m o r o u s!!!

How did you spend the morning of your wedding?

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxx

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