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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Lucky Last - Mental Health Week - Over 6,000 Views - Carla's Story

Wow what a week it has been and wow what a success we have had with posting local stories on the ABC Open Website.

Thank you to everyone who has read, commented and supported the writers; it takes a great load of courage to write your thoughts and feelings on paper and then to expose them to the big wide world.

I am sure that there has been plenty of tears from both the writers and the readers.

The lucky last blog post is written by one of my very best friends, Carla. We have promised that next year we are going on a girls trip to Melbourne to shop up a storm in aid of kicking depressions butt - or at least just learning how to manage our stress and to be more mindful of our health and well being.

To be honest, when Carla read me this blog I felt normal; normal because my experience with depression was exactly how Carla had described it - and when I was suffering from my depression I felt totally irrational, abnormal and alien and like I was the only person in the world who could possibly be feeling that way - particularly because I had no idea about the illness and just how horrible it is.

I hope and pray that through sharing my experience, and giving other people the opportunity to share theirs through my blog and ABC Open, that we can start to break down the stigma, and to help other people to have a better understanding of mental health.

Take it away, Carla.

Mental Health Week: I climbed out of the black hole and started to fight back

Carla NaismithBy Contributor  from West Coast SA

Carla and her dog Maggie

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