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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Don't Tell the Guests - My Favourite Photos So Far!

I love photography.

I love how, in one quick second, someone can pick up a camera, look through the lens, and capture a special moment that will create a memory that lasts forever.


That's probably why we based the date for our wedding around the availability of our photographer, and probably why I have stalked my wedding photos about 1,000 times on Facebook.

So here goes, some of my favourite photos to pop up so far.

I feel a little vein putting this up, but I love this photo! I look like a princess!

Okay so PD eeeee but it's the only time that you can get away with it and nawww it's a bit cute!

I love this photo because it's of one of our best friends  who spoke a reading that we had written ourselves so beautifully!

And another best friend who feels like family who took part in our special day!
I love this because you can see the beauty and detail in my gown!
LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo of my mum and dad walking me down the aisle!
Me with my new brothers, and one new family with Mick's Mum and Russ.
One of my beautiful mother in laws
This one makes me giggle because the girls kept getting teary all morning and blamed it on hay fever so we had to do our best hay fever symptom pose.
A stunning shot by our photographer James Field who climbed up a tree to capture this precious moment.
A beautiful friend was still making this sign the day before the wedding! We'll use this for our thank yous!
Probably my most favourite shot from the day so far! Check out the background and scenery!
Celebrating after our wedding dance that we winged!!!
Giggle you can put a girl in a pretty dress but she can still be feral! Haha the girls made me put down a towel so that I wouldn't spill my cold leftover pizza from the night before on my dress before the ceremony!
We had the most amazing whether and the most amazing scenery and backdrops for our perfect day at the Boston Bay Winery.
Yes, we had a HUGE wedding party, 15 in total, but it was SO much fun!
Me and my new father in law dancing, and also the front shot of my sister and her husband and best friends cuddling and having a good time on the dance floor!
Alcoholics! Half way through the photos we realised that we had had a beer and champagne in hand the WHOLE time!!!
Me and one of my gorgeous bridesmaids, Amie.
Our beautiful flower girl.
My entire new family!
Being announced Mr and Mrs Traeger!
Another favourite!!! 
Another gorgeous bridesmaid, Samara.
Looking massively nervous!
A couple more of my gorgeous girls!
LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo as these are 10 of the most important people in my life; the girls that I have known since school (and two of which I was born in the same hospital, in the same week and have gone all through life together), plus one girl from Belgium and one from Austria and my amazing husband!

  Okay, so you get the point, there are tonnes of amazing photos, and this are without our instant photo booth ones that are hilarious and will take up a whole other blog post.

A massive thanks to James Field for some of these beauties - check that kid out - he's AMAZING! We have only had a sneak preview of 22 of his shots so far, so I'll keep you posted when the others come through!


 Also, a huge thanks to the other photographers who have snapped some amazing shots!

Such a special day.

What were some of your favourite shots on your day?

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxx


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Marianna Dunn said...

Girl! Don't feel vain - you are stunning!