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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Date night...why I highly recommend them to couples.

Mick and I at the Australia Day cricket this year.

Date night. My favourite night of the week.

I must admit that I get butterflies just thinking about it. I think it's the word "date" that does it to me. Or maybe it's the knowledge that I get to spend the night with my partner. Just me and him. No phones. No planning hens weekends and overseas trips and renovations. No talking about money. No talking about work or bills or any of those day to day momentous things. 

Just Mick and me. Spending quality time together.

Date nights have been modified over the years.

Being the special people that we are.

Back when we first started dating and Mick was only an apprentice, date night consisted of a schnitzel pack from the corner deli that we shared together at the Lions Park.

When Mick went full time we started "lashing out" and going to the local pub for tea.

When I started working full time and Mick would come to Adelaide to visit (as we did four years long distance), we would go to an AFL game and cheer on the Mighty Adelaide Crows together on dates. 

When Mick moved to Adelaide and we lived together for the first time we would go on date nights 3 or 4 times a week (probably really just an excuse to avoid cooking and the dishes that go with it!) We'd go to tight ass Tuesday every Tuesday night at the local cinemas. At one stage we had seen every movie out. We'd use the Adelaide Entertainment Book and frequent different cuisines in Adelaide: Indian, Chinese, Thai, Italian....you name it, we ate it! We LOVED life that year. Money wasn't a worry.

Once we bought a house date nights changed. We went from eating out to opting to cook a delicious meal in our own home. Well, Mick would whip up something, I'd just set the table with fresh flowers from our garden, candles, napkins, the lot. We'd go all out!

Going to the cinemas has changed to hiring a movie and snuggling on the couch under a rug with a glass of red.

Valentines Day 2012!

Valentines Day this year was probably my favourite so far out of the 8 that we've spent together. No expensive restaurants. No lash outs on flowers or gifts. Instead, we set up our kitchen table with candles and a flower picked from our garden and sat and chatted about everything we have achieved so far. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is that date nights don't have to be fancy and elaborate. You don't need to let the moths fly out of your wallet. You don't need to pay $200 to go to a nice restaurant. 

Date nights are about scheduling time into your diary to spend quality time with your partner.

They don't have to be every week, but I do recommend that you plan ahead and make them at least once a month. 

 I promise you will get little butterflies, you will feel like you're "dating" again, you will have the chance to speak about what you want and what you are working towards together, and about things that really matter to you outside of the day to day things.

Date night. It's what you make it. Spending special time with your best friend.

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxxx

You might want to check out Date Night the movie...it's hilarious!

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