Unspoken Conversations are the topics that are often swept under the carpet, whispered amongst the closest of friends and bitched about by many. I want to create awareness about difficult things that people face in life; grief, mental health, money, illnesses, family troubles, relationship difficulties and putting yourself first. I want to tell the truth about things that really matter.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Grabbing life by the balls and going for it!

So I've decided to grab life by the balls and give it a good shake up. 

In other words I'm totally stepping outside of my comfort zone to explore whether sharing my life experiences in blog form is beneficial to me and others. I'm also starting the journey to discover whether creating awareness about those unspoken conversations is what my "calling is".

What do I mean by "unspoken conversations" I hear you ask???

I'm talking about how when we're asked by someone "how are you?" we instantly reply with "good" even though something is truly troubling us and we have to hold back verbal diarrhoea because we're afraid that if we truly speak our mind, the other person will either think we're a) INSANE, b) whinging when our life (from the outside) seems "so perfect" and c) they won't think at all. In fact, they're thinking about what is next on their to do list because they were just being polite when they asked "how are you?"

If someone did reply with "I'm actually really struggling at the moment because; my grandma had a heart attack, I've been feeling really flat lately, my baby isn't sleeping at the moment, I'm buggered, work is actually really stressful, we're struggling to make ends meet with our bills or I've got a friend who is being a real bitch then how would you reply?

Would you give them 5 minutes of your time to see what was truly bothering them?

Would you probe a little further?

Would you lend an ear so that they can get whatever is bothering them off of their chest?

Would you brush it off with a "arr, that's no good..." and instantly change the topic of the conversation because you don't really know what to say or can't really be bothered dealing with someone elses problems?

The following thoughts popped in to my head.

Well, it'd depend on who I was asking and whether I had enough time to stop and listen and what I was doing at the time and whether I was dealing with my own problems.

So why do we even ask "how are you?" in the first place if we don't have the time to stop and listen to the persons answer?

I'm not going to pretend that I know the answers to all of these questions. I'm only 24. I, like everyone else, am on a journey of self discovery. I'm not always perfect. Heck, I'm not even close.

But I do care about mental health, heart disease, a work life balance, how to keep your partner happy when you're dealing with your own problems, why Facebook is such a popular social media yet you're only "liked" if you're always positive and the moment you whinge people come down on you top of you like a tonne of bricks, and why people seem to find it easy to bring others down instead of building them up.

This is the reason I'm grabbing life by the balls because I not only want to share my experiences in these areas but I also want to learn and hear about other peoples experiences. This will hopefully mean that;

a) I won'tfeel alone at times.

b) we can help each other.

c) we can learn from each others mistakes.

d) we all feel more confident in speaking our mind and addressing those "unspoken conversations".

Take care of yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxx

Helpful organisations to check out that can offer support, guidance, clarification and help:


Jo said...

Hi Kirsty,
Well, talk about balls. You've certainly got a pair. You are so gutsy to write and share your thoughts so publicly. I have laughed and cried reading your blog. You are an inspiring, courageous and beautiful young woman. You spoke today about your desire to be a teacher. I'd just like to say that you may not have a teaching qualification, but you are still a teacher. Your blog is wonderful. Please keep writing. I'd love to follow your journey. It's been great to meet you and I would definitely want to listen to the answer, to the question, Kirtsy, how are you? You're worth way more than 10 minutes of my time.
With great affection and respect,

Kirsty Arnold said...

Wow Jo. I am printing this comment off and I am going to use it as my inspiration. Thank you SO incredibly much. This is one of the nicest things that someone has ever said to me and it really did touch my heart. Life is a journey hey and we never know where we're going to end up and who we are going to meet on the way. You are also an amazing, determined little lady! Much love x