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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Putting things in to perspective...creating a time line of your life.

Do you ever find yourself questioning what on earth you do with your time? As in, you feel like you're always busy and that your calender is always chock a block but you still haven't caught up with your best friend for 2 months, you haven't seen your Aunty who lives just down the road from you for three weeks and the months keep flying past but you're left scratching your head as to where the time is going?

I do.

I think, my goodness, it's June already, where has the past 6 months gone? If all things go to plan with our renovations, we might be leaving Adelaide in 5 months time. What have I ticked off of my "to do" list for this year? Wow, I've got so many things left that I want to do. And, I can't believe that it's been 7 whole years since I left my home town to move to Adelaide to study.

7 years.

7 years of living in the madness of Adelaide. The chaotic-ness, the always on the go, the 24/7 shops, the bumper to bumper drive in to the city, the acting-like-a-scavenger for a park every time I want to go shopping, the craziness of working for a tertiary education provider where I service more people then the town that I grew up in.

As my time in Adelaide comes to an end, I have found myself thinking about all that I have achieved since I was that seventeen year old girl who left my family and partner in the rear view mirror for Adelaide...the unknown. The BIG SMOKE. 

I found myself the other day creating a time line of events since 2006 when I left home.

My timeline that I whipped up in 5 minutes. It doesn't have to be anything fancy.

I was amazed at just what I have achieved.

I NEVER in a million years would've ever predicted that I would have finished a university degree and be working for the University of Adelaide, that I would own two homes by the time I was 24, that I'd be engaged, that I would've traveled to Europe, South East Asia and soon Fiji. That I would become so attached to a netball and football club in Adelaide, that I would've stopped teaching to pursue a career with no set profession at the end and that I would meet lifelong friends whom I  couldn't imagine my life without.

Creating the time line helped me to put things in to perspective.

I have achieved so much for someone who is only 24. And while what I set out to do when I left Cummins isn't where I'm at now (I began studying a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Teaching and thought I'd only live in Adelaide for the duration of my degree), I am so happy with where my life has taken me.

I can not recommend enough to take the time to sit down and complete a year by year time line of your life. I started mine from 2005 when I finished school. You might start yours from when you were born, or when you were married, or whenever you wish.

You create a sense of achievement. You can see where your life has taken you, how it might have led you down paths that you would've never imagined and you can look towards the future knowing that everything you have done in your past has shaped the person you are today.

You can use everything you've learnt up to this point to move forward.

It made me feel at ease with the unknown of the future.

I wouldn't change anything about my life. Stopping teaching, moving away from my birth place, going through depression, living with house mates, four years of long distance with my partner, applying for a job at the University of Adelaide and now creating a blog.

I love my life. Learn to love yours. Learn to respect your decisions, appreciate what you have achieved, love yourself and remain positive for your future.

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxxx


Leanne Edwards said...

One day you will be sitting in in a chair, overlooking the sea at Pt Lincoln living on the income you receive from all the motivational books that you should start writing!!! love you heaps xxxxxxxxxxxx

Kirsty Arnold said...

You are too kind. I'll shout you a trip to Pt Lincoln and a cocktail or 10 if that happens :) haha

Audrey said...

At my advanced age drawing a time line could take my until retirement!!! However I have done one before and not only does it show the achievements but it also explained why I had felt so stressed during some periods of my life. It helped me to see how strong I am to have come through some tough times. Definitely worth doing.

Kirsty Arnold said...

lol you crack me up Audrey. I did it because I wasn't sure where my career was taking me or what I wanted to do in the future. I guess for me it also helped me understand why I was stressed at times and to understand just how many changes I have had in the past 7 years. These include moving from the country to the city, starting a university degree, stopping a university degree, changing my mind from teaching to ???, starting full time work, changing positions during that time and now of course, thinking about moving home and what I'm going to do! It helped me to see that the skills I've learnt over this time can be used anywhere, in any career that I choose. The worlds my oyster!