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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Why my jean wearing days are over!

Get in my belly!


I hate them.

Zips and I do not get along well. Well, unless you consider lying down on my bed, squeezing in my belly, pleading with the zip to do up pleeeaaassseeee and it failing to do so. Then me huffing and puffing and yelling at the zip. You piece of shit. Must be faulty (clearly NOT because of my recent weight gain haha).

Yup, I've recently gained weight.

It's a mix of my medication, eating crappy foods over our stressful busy time at work and not exercising enough because I'm not a morning person and I can't be bothered going after work.

I was warned by a work colleague not to buy the next size up in anything otherwise it would be the end of me. I would never lose the weight. I appreciate her honesty and quickly changed my tune about my new wardrobe (which was really just an excuse to buy new things!)

In Belgium in 2008 blowing out my belly after way too much chocolate and beer!

Instead, I kissed goodbye to my jeans and work skirts and all things zips, and traded for stockings and leggings under skirts and dresses...BEST INVENTION EVER!

I no longer have to sit uncomfortable all day feeling as though my eyes are going to pop out of my head and my muffin tops are creeping over the edge of my clothes. I no longer have to undo the zip on my jeans when I overindulge at mealtimes. I no longer have to fight with my zip in the morning.

LEGGINGS ARE THE BOMB (note...not to be worn alone...they are an UNDERGARMENT people!) Not only do you feel super comfy while wearing them, you can also layer up in winter and wear your summer dresses with boots! Amazing.

I also realised just how crappy it is to gain weight. You're left feeling sluggish and uncomfortable in your own skin. You avoid looking in the mirror for fear of catching a glimpse of your triple chins!

After my Dad had his Heart Attack I realised that there was no time like now to start eating healthy and living a more active lifestyle. I too realised that I had to make some lifestyle changes. If not, I'd be the biggest hypocrite every time I texted my Dad to ask if he had been on his daily walk. 

I'm not talking about major changes straight away like eeekkk...totally cutting out chocolate. I have just started with small lifestyle changes like swapping my 3pm chocolate splurge for yogurt, packing my sneakers for a brief walk on my lunch break, and wearing leggings instead of clothes with zips (which has saved my skin from getting indents in my hips after a long day of sitting in super tight clothes).

I feel so much better about myself.

I am starting to feel comfortable in my own skin again.

If all else fails with my weight loss, I know that I can always count on leggings. Every girl should own them.

Have you gained weight lately? What are your tips for losing weight?

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxxx


Audrey said...

Ha ha ha this blog really made me laugh. I have struggled with weight most of my life. I put on a lot of weight over recent years when I was going through really traumatic events. I didn't have the energy to take care of myself properly and looked for quick sugar boosts in between meals. Thankfully I'm back on track and have started Lite N Easy to drop weight and improve my overall health. My tip to other readers is to try to take care of weight gain sooner rather than later because the older you grow that harder it is to lose weight! Elastic waists are also useful in the fight against muffin tops and constricted breathing due to zips!!! :)

Kirsty Arnold said...

Stupid weight! To be honest I don't really care how much I weigh on the scales but I do care when I start feeling frumpy. I know I need a good home cooked meal with vegies when I'm tired all of the time and have limited energy and just feel meh. I do agree with taking for of your weight as preventation is always better then cure!

In the meantime I'll continue wearing my elastic bands lol

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