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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Come fly with me to Vatican City!

The Pope in Rome!

I saw the Pope in Rome...well Vatican City actually and completely by mistake.

Yes, Kim and I decided to go alllllll crazy and spontaneous and wander from the centre of Rome to Vatican City and back....without a map!

Stupidly, we forgot that it was Sunday (you know, as you do when you're on holidays), and decided to pop on down to Vatican City for a peak. 

Oh my god, there were people EVERYWHERE crowded around the centre of Vatican City for Sundays preaching. Little did we know that the Pope was going to pop his head out of a window wayyyyyy up in the sky to deliver the sermon that day.

Yes, we totally had the song "If God Was One of Us" in our head, particularly the line:

Back up to heaven all alone
Just trying to make his way home
Nobody calling on the phone
Except for the pope maybe in rome
 source: http://www.lyricsondemand.com/onehitwonders/ifgodwasoneofuslyrics.html

WOW; now I'm not Catholic, but it was a pretty amazing moment to see the Pope speak in all of the different languages. Of course, we couldn't understand a second of it because it was in Roman, except when he greeted us in English!

Did you know that Vatican City is a country? Kim and I thought that we'd had this SUPER SMART IDEA (we're both blonde), to avoid the crowds in the main entrance by walking around the perimeter to a back entrance. Unfortunately for us, none of the other entrances were OPEN! But hey, at least we can say that we've walked around the perimeter of a country.

I must admit that we didn't stand in the queues to go inside and marvel at the paintings, but I have heard that it is pretty amazing inside.

The amazing artwork inside St Peters Via

I would definitely visit Vatican City if you are going to Rome. You only need a day to look around (it's tiny!) Beware that there are HUGE queues in Summer! If you are feeling adventurous like we were, I would also give roaming around Rome a crack without a map...and replace it with a gelati instead! Mmmmm!

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxx

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