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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

You May Not Know By Looking at Me...

 A HUGE thanks to the very brave guy who has shared his experience with depression today, including some tips for others.

You may not know by looking at me but I suffer with depression. I am 39 yrs old and I am a husband and father.

I find it hard to talk about it because my life experiences are not what you consider normal. 

BUT I want people to know that, yes I suffer with depression, and my heads not going to spin around and flip out on the spot; DON'T be afraid to be my friend; I'm still the same me. 

My best advise to others is talk, talk and more talking about depression and build up a re-pore with your doctor; mine has been fantastic in my recovery.

What I have learnt is that suicide is not the answer and I never even think of it any more but in my earlier stages of depression, it was the only thing that i could think of to help me.

I now really enjoy my garden, horse riding and being a great dad and husband. My wife has been amazing; she could have quite easily packed up and left but instead, she has supported me completely. 

So yeah i have depression but i don't let it rule my life. Sometimes it creeps up and I find myself slipping but now I know that when I see the signs, I talk to my gp or wife.


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