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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Depression Through the Lens of a Camera

Have you ever wondered what depression must feel like for the sufferer? I guess if you have ever known someone who has been through depression then you can see the pain in their eyes, but what are their eyes seeing? 

Well today, I introduce a very brave man who has captured these photos through the lens of his camera, as his way of explaining the internal, silent battle that a depression sufferer feels. 

2. "This photo depicts the battle between bright and dark, happy and despair."
3. "I chose the third one because feathers represent life, the bright colours are uplifting and each of the feathers looks a bit like an arrow which are pointing AWAY from the darkness of the dead leaf".
I feel as though the photos depict the evolution of depression from feeling as though your life is full of blacks and greys, and that you are dead, broken and have fallen far away from the tree (your normal self in photo 1), to slowly starting to see colour back in your life while still working through unwanted feelings (photo 2), to returning to full health where you can once again see your life in colour (photo 3). 

Emily Coote explains her thoughts towards the photos:

"These photos represent how depression and other mental health issues can feel for both the person suffering and for their loved ones looking in. I remember times of not understanding why my family members were feeling this way, you'd have intense times of sadness then times of mixed emotions and then eventually, even though you never think things will change, you see a change in them that will be with you forever"
 What do you think when you see these photos? I would love to hear when you think!

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxxx 

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