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Monday, 15 October 2012

My Little Sisters Wedding

I have never seen my sister look more beautiful than on the day that she got married.

Yup, I was the beaming older sister who thought that my little sister looked it and a bit all dressed up in her g-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s gown!

I guess, being the older sister, you spend a lot of your life being the protective one; probably overly protective at times, but on that day, I knew that she'd married a guy who would protect her for the rest of her life....all together now...nawwww!!!

To top it all off, the wedding was in FIJI and we got to go BARE FOOT and it was cute and intimate and there were PINA COLADAS at the reception!

Needless to say, going bare foot meant that our feet were saved to party on all night! I think we rocked the socks off of the Fijian bartenders who told us that we sure knew how to party!

So here's to my sister, Tegan Stephens (haha I still giggle when I say that); my little sister who I am extremely proud of (I just don't think we say that enough to our loved ones!)

Thank you for having your wedding in Fiji, it was so MUCH FUN, STRESS FREE and a great opportunity to spend some QUALITY TIME with our family.

The day before the wedding! I wished I could be doing this the day before our wedding!

Not many people have a photo like this on their wedding day!

The back of her dress...soooo stunning!
Love this photo!

Sexy lady!
Marching to our boat!
The transport!

The Fijian drum!

Possibly my MOST favourite photo - Dad just looks sooo proud!

Yes, we all got a little teary! Happy tears!

I also LOVE this photo; they both look sooo happy!

The hot to trot wedding party; Matt and Sherry-Lee, Mick and Me, Ash and Tegan (my sister), Sam and Todd, Adele and Ash's cousin!)

Love it!

The rings!

Haha the garter toss!

Mmm pina coladas!
 I love my little sister and I wish her a lifetime of happiness!

When have you been most proud of your sibilings?

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxx

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