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Monday, 29 October 2012

Operation Christmas Child - Help Me Help Kids Overseas

Do you love buying presents for others?
Have you always wanted to volunteer and help those who are less fortunate then you?
Do you L-O-V-E Christmas and can't bare the thought of someone not having any pressies to open up on Christmas morning?
Then I need you.
The presents go to South East Asia and the South Pacific. If you need a heart warmer, check out the kids faces as they open the packages! 
Follow the easy steps below to create your shoebox and email me at kirsty.arnold88@gmail.com for the drop off point.
For tips on what to and not to include in your box, click here. 
Sorry about the tight turn around but I will need them dropped off to me by Wednesday the 10th of November.
I'm really excited!

Help me make little kids christmas day fun and memorable!
Look after yourself and those around you,
Kirsty xxxx 

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Yassirkratzt said...

love Operation Christmas Child! Last year I packed 3 shoeboxes after picking up an OCC-flyer from a shoe shop cash desk. I didn’t know the whole thing before. This year we collected gifts all over the year so that we were able to pack 14 shoeboxes. To make some children in Eastern Europe very happy is much more satisfying than receiving a present myself.
Best wishes, Anke from Remscheid, Germany
(Sorry for my English ))