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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Don't Tell The Guests

There is nothing more exciting then planning your very own wedding day.

There's definitely a lot to think about - and if you forget, there's always people to remind you (haha).

Wedding dresses, location, date, celebrants, photographers, decorations, bridal party, flowers, hair and make up, transport, videographers, shoes, guest lists, special roles, accommodation, garters, alcohol, catering, wedding cakes, invites...the list goes on!

For some, it can be a very overwhelming experience while for others, they have had the day planned out right down to the way the napkins are folded for years.

I find that it's kind of a touchy subject, the whole wedding thing. Some people are more then happy to give their opinion on where you should shop to buy your dress, who you should and shouldn't have on the guest list, and omg, don't even think about hiring such and such to do your decorations, you MUST have such and such.

I guess sometimes we're left either biting our tongue or wondering: how much advice is too much advice? Is it okay to ask the bride about how the wedding preparations are going? Should I suggest this really great celebrant or should I just back away? Should I offer to help or should I let the bride and groom do their thing? How much should you divulge about the wedding day?

Well for me, I'm an open book, and while I am going to keep some things secret, I thought that I'd create a weekly 'Don't Tell the Guests' blog post, to track the decisions made and progress of our wedding.

And then...once the wedding is all done and dusted, I can post photos of how it all came together and brag about how amazing the day was!

Here's so pictures that I've been chuckling over:

How's this for a dress? Via

Ohhh dear - please don't let this happen to us! Via
Coming from the country, this is probably what our wedding car is going to end up looking like! Via
I will definitely be needing something like this to stop me from spilling food on my dress haha Via
These bridesmaid dresses are just so sexy Via

Do you have any funny photo memories from a wedding?

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxx

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Dreaming. Wishing. Doing. said...

make the day your own i say! you are the one who has to remember it for the rest of your life! and it is meant to special to you.

I have nominated you for a liebster award...


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